Your life on canvas

In speaking with KC Baker from the School of the Well-Spoken Woman today on refining my talk around finding your happiness, the canvas of happiness came up.

What’s the canvas of happiness, you ask?

Two years ago, I started a 5ft x 4ft blank canvas entitled Things That Make Us Happy. It quickly went from blank to filled up with painted words, sayings, SHARPIE’d phrases, beautifully-pinned astronaut pictures, photos of places around the world and people that make me extremely happy. Even one lone cocktail napkin with a plan for a book I was to write is on there (and right now, a year later, I’m almost done with the book proposal).

…the list of everything and everyone that graces this board is heart-warming but also a visual (and pretty massive) reminder to keep doing those things that make life worth living and that brand this life, both in business and otherwise, as the good life. Because, as we know, it’s only as good as we make it.

The CofH is what I like to call an out-of-the-box version of writing down your goals to help them come to fruition. According to a Harvard Business School study, “written goals can translate into earnings of 10 times more than those who fail to establish goals or put their goals in writing.” Worth a try, no?

What makes you TRULY happy?

And, what are those simple things that provide this for you?

Furthermore, what are those big things ~ big dreams ~ that you know would provide joy or a peaceful contentment to your work and life right now?

Goal-setting is goal-getting. Writing down what we want really helps us get into motion.

The visual, the writing-down paves a path; keeps it real and keeps you honest (nagging voice saying “do it already”)…

To keep YOU moving forward…

Think of what would be on your happiness board. Write down the goal or the project, business idea or trip that would make you extremely happy to not just start on but accomplish a nice little chunk of this month.


What three people could you tell?

Telling others is telling the universe you’re serious about creating this life you want (deserve) so passionately. Showing others as is done in my living room with the canvas of happiness not only keeps us accountable to those things we’ve said we really want in life but also puts us in a grand position of support. Support propels us forward…quantum leap-style most times.

Now others can prod us along, can help us DO those things that light us up and that will contribute to our success.

If this feels like the little system that could…it is.

To your happiness.

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Recognizing Strengths


On Wednesday I’ll be kicking off my “Yoga & Story” time with a group of teens in Santa Ana.

I’m so looking forward to all of them learning about yoga for the first time; about moving on the mat. I’m looking forward to them learning body awareness, definitely, however, about  awareness, generally. And how this very mindfulness and consciousness has the power to really support them as they grow into working individuals with families and so much more. Essentially, hopefully opening their minds and eyes to having more and more fun being a student of life.

I’m ecstatic to relate in this way…to be in relationship with them.

…because we all learn best through story and most definitely through our relationships with others. And, in my mind, to be a part of this connection to kids and teens is a huge part of my vision as I move forward in life and business.

On tap for Wednesday? Begin discussing how, exactly, we are able to control our thoughts. And, essentially, helping them realize the only limitations we have are those we put on ourselves. We have control.  Noone can make us feel or do anything without our consent. And, as the video says below, we need not “import” others’ limitations (of us).

We need not import others limitations…

And this, my friends, is why I love yoga. Because yoga is not just yoga! Yoga and yoga philosophy are tools that we can use to be more and more authentic and gain greater clarity on creating the life we want. Exactly what we were put on this earth to do…live the life we want.

It’s important to be clear, feel our authenticity and stand strong in our strengths and share our stories with the next generation on what’s worked (and what hasn’t worked) for us.

It’s the strengths we hold, as-is, that are our brand; that create, launch and sustain AWESOME businesses and leave legacies of stellar worth.

And that’s just the truth.

With that said, what are you strengths?

Are you searching out support to soar higher?

And, as importantly, are you supporting others in their quest for a full life?

My cousin sent me this video on facebook on Friday and I loved it so much I immediately knew I wanted to share it on the blog this week. I  even corresponded with the reporter, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, on good ol’ twitter on how moved I was. Surprise surprise…she tweeted back 😉

In it, Gayle (first name basis now) discusses “Women entrepreneurs, example not exception”. It was a great reminder of what I’m discussing above; supporting others in their pursuit to being ‘exceptional’.

We all must be conscious about how we’re showing up for others and what we’re telling our next generation so they might be better equipped to show up as big as they want to in life.

…the most fun.

What do you think of the Ted Talk?


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