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In love with being human, #7 of 12 sharing my journey…


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[In love with being human] Today is my seventh piece of 12, in the name of celebrating 12 years in business, sharing part of my story through entrepreneurship and book-writing, especially as it pertains to life, motherhood, love, growth and gratitude.

In love with being human…

When I was a little girl, I ran off stage because I was afraid. I was a bumble bee with super short boy hair and didn't want to perform (or just didn't want to show off that hair).

Even at that young age, I remember feeling that I was doing something that wasn't "me" (later, I'd find out, of course, that I LOVED performing).

Back then, I also clearly remember hat a lot of life felt like it was about *pushing* myself into doing. I didn't know how to sit to ponder what was really coursing through and if, maybe just maybe, it wasn't fear but excitement that I was mistaking as fear.

In love with being human…

In an interview yesterday on how I bring yogic principles into my business, I mentioned and recommended that instead of *pushing* through "fear" we might just get more still. I say "if we want to know the answer to a problem, we must stop talking *about* the problem." And, I believe this to be 150% true. Try it.

In love with being human…

Get quiet, don't talk about it, be your observer…be the situation's observer and voila ~ the most creative and precise answer emerges.

Now, many years later, when I feel *something*, not only do I not label it, I don't "push" through it either. I'm in the practice of searching out stillness. I get still, quiet and allow; I allow myself to move through the feeling as I…micro-move and engage in micro-movements.

I micro-movent forward and, step by step, begin to plan, create and birth the new ideas or expression. After a while, I look up and realize I've landed beyond the first gritty feelings of the thing. The micro-movements trick works. One day it might be a phone call, another day it might be writing some notes about a new program and other days it might simply be opening up a word document and naming it "Chapter 2", even if I walk away from the computer without having written anything more.

In love with being human…

Starting my own business 12 years ago was different. The bumble bee wasn't afraid. When I started to support women in expressing themselves in the most creative and authentic way possible, I already felt on the other side. The work I was doing felt me from the get-go.

I felt a buzz I hadn't felt in that costume so many years before.

In love with being human…

What I've learned over the years…through performing, starting my professional life in advertising, jumping to start my own thing 12 years ago, moving to different countries (the rule not the exception) and being more of the Michelle I hadn't yet come to know in that bee costume in my relationships and business is this:

Feelings are good. They're our life force. Don't allow feelings or *feeling* something to hinder your visibility. Being visible is what the good life we want is all about. Being visible is when you get to test out all your bells and whistles…bleed to your edges.

C'est la vie.

What's the worst that can happen? You run off stage then later find out you loved the thing you thought you were scared of?

In love with being human…


Be your observer (or be really open to someone else being it for you).

Keep moving forward toward your ultimate visibility which will be, your ultimate happiness.

That's true expression and that's branding yourself as the woman with the life and the business she's always seen herself with…and in.

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Until next time, enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,