What I Believe…

I believe in taking a company on the road to live for extended periods over the last 12 years to places most people only vacation.

From San Francisco to Hermosa Beach to Amsterdam, Portlandia, Guadalajara and back to Los Angeles (with some African safaris, Moscow mule'ing in Moscow, Japanese alpine climbing and off-road Great Wall trekking in between), I believe deeply in nurturing our wanderlust.

I believe in no apologies for being bold and living a self-approved life and building a self-approved business.

I believe each woman possesses a surprise factor that increases her magnetism. I believe the job of the “branding process” is to uncover and express the unexpected about you, your story, talents and what you offer so generously in the way only you can.

I believe that being consistently in alignment in what we do, say and show not only increases the trust others have in us but blows the doors off our own happiness.

I believe in the power of repeating fruitful mantras (and momtras).

I believe in not allowing “how?” to cloud every YES gurgling inside.

I believe in the practice of yoga, and the practice of re-framing fear into excitement.

I believe in the sexiness and strength that comes with a flexibility of mind.

I believe we are all the mothers of our own re-invention.

I believe in believing in ourselves; in making what we think, dream, plan and put pen to paper about actually happen.

I believe authenticity is the new black.

I believe life is one big catwalk.

I believe we are modeling what we want for the world, our children and our future with every single thought, word, action and habit we showcase.

I believe when women more fearlessly focus on their happiness, they RAISE happiness. They raise the happiness of everyone around them, lifting communities, cities and countries up. They contribute to world peace.

I believe in Melissa’s company, Kate’s personal brand, Kristina’s coaching business, Angela’s entrepreneurial network, Grace’s events, Allison’s fashion business, Rachel’s acupuncture clinic, Traci’s ‘Get Your Girl Back’ movement, Emily’s Soulful Weight Loss coaching, Hayley’s skincare empire and so many more. I believe these women ~ these haute and happy brands ~ hold a depth that make their products and services not only the solution to their clients’ problems but the solution to problems of the world.

You, me, her, him, this, that, their success, my success. I believe it's all, and we are all, connected.

I believe madly…deeply…in the nurturing, connecting power, love and creative energy of every woman.

I believe in creating our own music ~ it's the only sustainable thing.

I believe in dance.

And guess what? After leaving advertising 12 years ago I danced a lot! Though having worked with brands such as got milk?, Hewlett-Packard, Crystal Cruises, adidas, Nike and Starbucks was thrilling, I was ecstatic to be going out on my own. I wanted a life and freedom of travel, creativity and creating what I wanted to be a part of. I also wanted to go from just being an “ideas girl” to a woman with ideas that meant something in the hearts, lives and beloved businesses of others. I’ve gotten this and so much more.

In 2001, I created MGI as a home for the self-expression of women, a place where women could design businesses and lives that would support their authentic desires and intellectual goals.

Shortly after starting MGI in San Francisco and Los Angeles, my dream of living all over the world began. I started the life of a serial expatriate and “modern-day gypsy.” Traveling the world with this business, my husband and son has been one of the greatest joys and successes of my life. It’s probably no surprise, then, that supporting clients in growing their own international businesses is part of my bliss today.

Around this time, I started my love affair with yoga-ahh as well. Why is this important to share with you? Well, travel and yoga both make an appearance in my business, consulting and coaching style. It’s who I am, yes, but it’s also what I’ve seen work in growing a success mindset that can move mountains. Yoga of the mind is key.

Today, MGI is an international branding, coaching and empowerment agency that helps women in all stages of their business and all seasons of their lives build their couture brand. They get clear on their purpose and decide on the most exciting profit centers of their business.

Beyond the branding and business work, I also love speaking globally around topics such as happiness, charismatic branding, the “iiT factor” and empowering women not to make apologies but to make plans and work towards them, no matter what.

I live for the moment when others meet or look at my clients’ work and say, “Now there’s a woman who knows who she is.” This is what that the world needs more of: women living on purpose, making happiness their business in all regards, without apologies.

In closing, at MGI the personal is professional and the professional is personal. In many ways, this is a family business. I care. We care. And, whether we’re working specifically on your branding, business coaching or motivating and empowering you in a private or group setting, the bottom line is this: it's about leaving your brand ~ your mark ~ on this world.

You're haute and you have one life to strut your stuff, seize it.