Michelle, what IS branding REALLY


My client Salenta Fox from Utah during her haute photography session

We’re big on humanizing branding here at MGI…

So what if I told you a brand is you and brand-ING is you in action.

Branding is a verb.

It is the act of creating a look and feel to your business that works to shine brightly to usher ideal clients to you. You brand is your beacon!

In creating a look and feel that is consistently authentic to you and hot (Haute!), you are truly able to magnetize ideal clients to you. And, best of all, experience the joy of actually helping them as only you can do with your gifts and your expertise.

The photo above is of a client of mine for the last two months ~ the beautiful Salenta Fox. We created not only her logo, social media graphics, rocking tagline, elevator pitch, website overview etc but discussed how to truly communicate her brand via photography. Success! How haute is that photo? And there are so many stunning ones that truly express her role in pioneering the limitless relationship dynamic (her tagline). To check out Salenta Fox International’s facebook page and see what this means, enjoy:

In our time together, we have also dug many hours deep into the WHY she was starting this business (read: knowing what your purposeful message is key!) and we have also been discussing how to continue to accomplish standing out authentically throughout her remaining touch-points. (of course, when you’re pioneering a category it’s a much easier job to stand out too…something that would have only come out having done this archaeological dig on her business and vision for it!)

Salenta is doing a GRAND job embracing her brand and it makes me extremely happy to showcase her energy here today!

If you want to rock your brand (it’s time, no?) join our FREE branding call series (three free calls in the month of May). Hear what you need to know now to create your own Haute, Heartful & Magnetic Brand, we’d love to have you:


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What to do at a networking event ~ and all LIFE events.

And I don’t mean LISTEN to the keynote (though they are important and probably why you paid to be there), I mean listen, truly listen to the person in front of you. You may have known them for two minutes at a networking event or twenty-two years but…listen.

Many times, we’re quite frankly relentless with the focus on our agendas, our programs and our story that we forget to be present with the human being that is sharing themselves in front of us; sharing of themselves in front of us.

What is LIFE if not about connections (read: beyond social media), relationships and being in relationship? Business is no different. And neither are those two minute networking event moments…

Don’t pose, be.

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