My 5am DJ Job

My 5am DJ Job

I’d rather not leave anything for later. 

I would say this even goes back to choosing to be a DJ in college for, wait for it, the 5a show on Sundays.

I don’t have to tell you why that was a horrible time, but it wasn’t a horrible idea. 

I wanted to, so I did (I wanted the experience and so…I had it).

The same goes for everything else…I’d rather not leave it for later, not because there won’t necessarily be a later, but because I want the **experience** of life, not just a life. 

In this very living room, I have held similar thought and posture welcoming clients to retreats or day sessions, as well as welcoming those 35 or so in attendance each time into many a Greater Good Party where we discussed this very thing each time in new ways:

What’s on the back burner of your life right now (maybe for a year, five or 10 years too long) that needs to be moved to the front burner?

Do it…

Do it now, so you don’t have to do it later (efficiency) and so your later days benefit from the doing of it in the now. 

Today is a ladder to your joy, fulfillment, healing and full creative power. 

When you do things now, both today *and* tomorrow both greatly benefit…

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

I’ll Love You If (How We Were Parented?)

I’ll Love You If (How We Were Parented?)

This is how many of us were parented:

I’ll Love You If (How We Were Parented?)

I’ll love you if…

— if you’re not too loud, 

— if you achieve in this or in that way, 

— IF and only if you make me happy.

I’ll Love You If (How We Were Parented?)

Love that has conditions is actually called by another name…it is not free and does not make our children feel that way.

I’ll Love You If (How We Were Parented?)

Love is expansive (not expensive), has wings (not weights) and gives them (wings) too.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

“I Am Not Afraid To Die” (She Said)

It’s not the dying, it’s the saying goodbye to you…

For Dino’s birthday last month, I had special people over for dinner who have intimately known my life since he and my Mom passed.

That night, the invitation was to bring a written piece about life or death to share. 

Mine had one main theme to it and this is a partial share below, maybe you’ll resonate with the sentiment ~


“I am not afraid to die, it’s just that one devastating moment of saying goodbye…to you. 

How could this be over for us, for our friendship and for our great love affair already? 

This is why I will die…because emotionally I will not ::ever:: be done loving you.”

Feel this about your relationships or want to feel this way? 

Lean in. Even if it hurts, and especially when it does, lean in. 

Clear your own bullsh*t (best thing you can do for your relationships). Know everyone is doing as much as they know how with what they have emotionally available to them. Have the conversations. Give people a second and a third chance. And also, let them go. 

Let’s make it hurt at the end for only this reason ~ because we have so fully loved.

Conscious Dying Principles

Conscious Dying Principles

It’s about being radically present.

It’s about easing one’s fear.

It’s about showing no judgment.

It’s about showing they’re undoubtedly loved.

I read this list again as I’m typing it and it could be about any great relationship or evolved connection, but today I share these as four of the key principles of conscious dying and end of life doula/death doula or soul midwife work.

I posted a few stories a couple days ago and will likely post more about this work that’s touching so many parts of my life right now…parts of my past, parts of my present, and — really — parts of *each* of our future. 

Friends have joked with me that nobody grows up and says I want to help people die, but we do need more people to help people die…but die how? 

…to die with dignity, to die with love, to die with someone by their side, to die feeling peace and that, in some ways, those around us are doing some part of it *with* us (as in any great relationship or friendship, when shit is really hitting the fan this is what you want to hear or feel: “I’m here and we’re going to do this together.”).

Most of all, what more of us who are nearing the end want and need (even if we don’t have the words for it) is to be supported to (still) live while we are dying, because there is still life and fulfillment and connection (so much of all three) to be had.

At one point, months ago, I wondered how my identity and success coaching in business with women entrepreneurs connected with this death/living while dying work? 

And though in many ways, it doesn’t really matter, here’s one way it does: we are ALL trying to find our way…whether it is in business, life OR in death. 

The work I do in whatever form or name it comes dressed as is about the same each time ~> about radically expressing yourself (a bolstered sense of self), showing the world who you truly are (more is “revealed” when we do this) and doing what is genuinely joyful and fulfilling for you each day (carpe diem), all of it, everyday ~ like a prescription ~ down to your very last breath.