Being Friends With Your Kids

Being Friends With Your Kids

I had an absolute ball being Nolan’s mom when he was younger. We had so much fun (silly fun ::: play fun, all of it)! Plus, sweet after school naps on the couch together as he became a young boy…

I still have a ball with him now as he rounds the corner to 19 in a few months (one of the people I always want to hang with here in Paris or anywhere)!

But there’s something also different now…an appreciation I could’ve never anticipated when we took this photo when he was seven…

And that is the depth and uniqueness of relationship we’d grow inside our weekly talks about life, as well as the comfort we feel around one another to do so; to talk about everything under the sun.

It has been said — don’t be friends with your children, but if being someone’s “friend” is creating a unique bond with them through mutual affection and a sharing of and from your heart, I hope all of us become friends with our sons and daughters! (parenting coaches/parenting experts come for me)

Really though — isn’t that exactly what we do with friends ~ talk and talk and feel closer and closer {as friends} as a result?

You can be friends with your family. And your children are not exempt from this truth.

As family, we are also friends.



Can be and are — the best of friends.

I’m still mama, he’s still my son, AND…

AND we are also more!

What do YOU think? Do you think parents can be friends either their kids?

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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