Super Connected Yet Super Free

Unconditional love means promising to love someone without the condition that they not fault or fumble to be worthy of a tender, loving care…

The type of love that won’t so easily (like the wind or tantrum-like whim) be snatched away every time something doesn’t go your way (a big one for those of us parents as many of us were raised inside this unhealthy way of being in family…you’re “good”, so I’ll be nice to you or you’re “bad”, so I won’t speak to you for two days…there are so many wounded children acting as both wives and husbands — and as parents). 

Unconditional love is a promise to be there through it all, AS WELL AS as a promise to unconditionally at least like, if not love yourself enough, to do the work on YOU to even be able to whisper that you can love someone through their blunders…to then, ultimately, experience a healthy, fun and grounded in truth partnership.

This is the kind of relationship that ultimately makes each of you feel super connected and, at the same time, super free.

I love feeling super connected and, at the same time, super free. 🙂

You can continue to wildly grow together if the roots beneath ground are reaching for one another, equally through drought as through abundant times, and that happens as a byproduct of each of you tending to your own soil (for when we don’t, we lash out and take things away, namely our love, when love, like a root, is not that easy to take away!). 

Unconditional love is a free flow process that needs to F R E E F L O W.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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