Nurse Shoes

Nurse Shoes

Mood of lightness and imperfection…

We had some of the best years as a young family in and around Guadalajara in Mexico.

We helped Nolan (3.5 or 4) get into his car seat one day en route to the airport to visit the ruins at Teotihuacán and realized only at the airport that he wasn’t wearing shoes. 

Nurse Shoes

I saw these pictures a few weeks ago and the laughter was the kind that made me tear up immediately (not all photos are of our trip to Teotihuacán, some here are of other times in Mexico). 

I went over to Josh and Nolan and showed them last night and they enjoyed the memory, too, with Josh saying, “oh yes, that’s when we bought Nolan nurse shoes.” 

Now, I’m showing you. 

Let some light in and show your imperfections 😉 

You’ll connect deeper with people that way, some of the most important people being the kids you forgot to put shoes on oh so many years ago…


Nurse Shoes
Nurse Shoes

The last photo is after I jumped into a pool fully clothed while at a birthday party outside Guadalajara, thinking Nolan’s pool floaties weren’t floating when in reality, he and the floaties were just fine. 😉

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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