Fasting (See My Stories!)

Fasting (See My Stories!)

I love a sexy heel, but I’m more comfortable in hiking boots.

Ask me to choose between going to a fancy dinner or trek that next peak or valley (no matter how hot or heavy the pack), no matter if that peak or valley be physical, emotional or spiritual, and I’ll choose door number two every time. 

Never let a woman’s painted nails, profession or those heels (that can’t wait to come off) fool you…

Tomorrow, I start on my next three day water fast, which was first planned and trained for in 2019.

Back then, I ended up doing four days of a water fast in the wilderness. Only drinking water vs. abstaining from water, which is what some think it is] inside a nine day vision quest.

It was an awe-some, moving and tranquil experience (albeit a little dizzying at times being 7,000 feet up ~ but nothing compared to its physical, emotional and spiritual benefits).

This round, just like the last few. December of 2020 being the last fast, will support immune function, gut health & healing. I have healing to do, cell regeneration and a release of toxins.

Of course, chatting with your doctor or nutritionist is always recommended before doing one, but there are research articles and videos galore available online if you’re curious to learn more about the health benefits before speaking to a practitioner familiar with the practice.

Follow along in my Facebook and Instagram stories if you’re interested in my take and process!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good!

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