THIS Is Your Inheritance!

THIS Is Your Inheritance!

YOU GOT YOU (this is your inheritance!).

*Creating a meaningful connection to ourselves* is the deepest of all work we don’t get paid for (in the traditional way).

But it’s the best work. Highest emotionally-paying work. What I believe we are all attempting to do when we say yes to any kind of personal development or therapy. As well as what we feel like inside (or after) experiences in adventure travel, dance, music or art…

We feel OF ourselves (belonging to ourselves) and we feel *more* ourselves.

THIS Is Your Inheritance!

This “meaningful connection to ourselves“ is what self-love IS and what it feels like.

The sense of self that knows, no matter who dies or what goes away (money, relationships, health or looks), that y o u got you.

You would know because you’ve gotten to know yourself so damn well (and always more to come and uncover) that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are and would be your own ride or die.

This meaningful connection comes back to finding out who we REALLY are beneath it all. Not who others want you to be or who you, maybe, were to them *before*. And what we’re REALLY made of — proudly standing atop that life experience and, in many ways, atop the shoulders of ancestors whose life experiences we were also built *from* (this structure in Tulum back in November reminded me of my Mayan roots… innovative, strong of body, mind & spirit, mystical, deeply connected to nature…and to *their* nature).

I think many self-love articles leave many wondering, like, what is it…what is self-love really? It’s such an ethereal concept and it’s also not as “easy” as baths, time alone or communing with nature often.

For me, this deepest connection to myself has been found and re-found through acknowledging this. Where I come from. Specifically and generally, what I’ve lived through (owning my unique life experience) that leads me (you, too) to what we’re built for and most capable OF and going out and doing *that*

The pride and meaning found in that, in all of it…ooph!

THIS is our inheritance!! Do we need anything more?

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good!

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