My Son, I Leave You…

My Son, I Leave You…

LA has been so good to us. But mainly, we have been good to us. 😉 

Isn’t that how it is and how it goes? When we are good to the people around us and the people around us are good to us, that’s what makes wherever we are AMAZING, no? 

I remember the last time we lived outside of the US, saying to my husband, Josh — ‘you could blindfold me and plop me in ____(fill in the blank, most places in the world and not just the ones where we have all the creature comforts) and I would be happy…I would make my happiness.’ 

And I have — in different cities and in different countries, with and without a man, with and without a baby, with and without post partum depression, with and without any sun or rain, with and without creature comforts, with and without tragic loss…

Of everything I may leave to you, son, may I leave you this?

Life isn’t always easy (true for ALL of us), but if we are not
a c t i v e l y creating our own heaven (what this photo expresses to me), surely it can or will be the opposite. 🙂

So — we create our heaven. Especially, especially, especially during the harder, less maybe ‘heavenly’ moments. 

If I had to live this life over again, I would. And that includes everything that I’ve experienced in it…everyyything.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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