He’s Leaving Soon! (Preparing For A Lifetime)

He’s Leaving Soon! (Preparing For A Lifetime)

I feel like we’ve been preparing for this next [emptier nest] season for a lifetime.

We spent much time on bunny slopes early on. Loads of non-rushed cuddle time, pausing every time I said “my son” because I couldn’t believe I had been b-b-blessed (4:56am on a Monday in the Netherlands…”what did we get!?” I asked Josh). These same nights, filled with little sleep, turned into days where we were also maneuvering a baby’s illness that we couldn’t figure out, which, in part, launched mama into post-partum depression. Even this last part, as tough as it was, grew our love and introduced us to who we were as a little family. We took it slow on these bunny slopes…

But things sped up —

We soon started to glide down blue diamonds during school-age years (so fun) — bingo nights, much soccer, many naps (together), “mama days” at the beach in Marina Del Rey or at the Natural History Museum, silly dances and goofy faces, the time of starting to travel to exotic places…(I attempted still to take it slow).

Today, we are feeling the wind in our hair, finding our feet underneath us as we take on exciting black diamonds, these are fast times (!) prepping for what’s new and next for alllll of us as we watch birdie take on another bright peak — still consciously simmering as much as possible (aka much slow and yummy home life and family time) but, as we know, time is a thief…

When they are young, we think of them as the gift (and they are), but what you realize as they get older is that the gift that keeps on giving is the flying you actually do *with* them! ~>> Inside a more adult relationship that, without a doubt, includes the joy of friendship (let go of any supposed rules and allow it).

Why didn’t anyone tell me how F U N this part was! The night sky? Gorg here. 🙂

As much change as is coming and fast, it’s exhilarating up here!!! I’ll still play at slow, but surrender to speed, too, as long as we have each other…

Think it so and it is, it only continues to get better! 

Are you in this stage of life too? If not, feel free to forward this to someone who might need it. (xo)

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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