Your “Method” (As World Opens Back Up)

Your “Method” (As World Opens Back Up)

Before receiving this reply from Josh (see our exchange below), I was putting the edible flowers into the salad bowl first, because why not the flowers before the spinach and lettuce (and why not flowers with your salad and eggs at 9:13am?).

We all crave beauty, expansiveness and time and that’s what so many of us got (back) this year and what we now want to keep…up.

The rush or the feeling of “have to” either calmed a lot or a bit (or even more), and either way, what I’ve heard from those I normally share time with is that it was W E L C O M E.

Supremely welcome.

Your “Method” (As World Opens Back Up)
Your “Method” (As World Opens Back Up)

Even if our lives are or are still busy with work or littles in the house, because they’re not back at school yet, in many other ways, life or the reflection OF our lives shifted (it had to), which, in turn, shifted us.

Our global experience forced us to look at ourselves longer and differently. What we want way more or much less of (for me more family dinner and chat time and less time in the car, hi LA). The short: we’ve all understood more deeply what we agree with, what we don’t, what we want inside our day-to-day experiences and who we want as part of them, too. 

Your “Method” (As World Opens Back Up)
Your “Method” (As World Opens Back Up)

What Josh and I have known for a while, and what we were texting about this morning, is that we needn’t go back to whatever parts we didn’t enjoy.

So, yes, let’s chat tonight (including Nolan), so we go into the full re-opening of life soon with intention.

Because it’s one thing to know to incorporate the pause intellectually, to take more time on the important things, but to move it from the mind to this more *felt* sense we’ve all had makes all senses come more alive (and makes us realize we don’t want to lose it, lose ourselves…).

Speaking of the senses — and then went the mint, because why not, too, watch the mint fall into salad at 9:14am to enjoy it at whatever time you decide to take the first bite?

We each haven’t just changed, we’re fresh and new.

Lettuce stay fresh and new!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.

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