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Their Time, Not Ours

Their Time, Not Ours

“I don’t want to be and I don’t GET to be in my own “stuff” on Nolan’s time!” 

That’s what I said to a friend recently, when we were talking about parenthood ~> as parents, let’s make sure our inner wounded kid is NOT the one raising our kids.

Every morning, we do GET to recommit to seeing or feeling what ails us and walk straight into dismantling it, or making clearer sense of it so that we don’t pass that particular “work”, trauma or ancestral wounding to our kids…period, end of story (and we do want it to be period & the end of the generational story in most cases). 

Carve out the time to continually be doing your work on YOUR stuff, so you’re not acting out the wounding or trouble from LONG ago on their time / in their life or in their relationship with you (have it be instead what it’s meant to to be ~> brand new and ah filled with equilibrium, openness, wonder and pure, like you’re creating an entirely new relationship with new rules, new mutual respect, a new healthy love and new spirit baked into every ounce than maybe you grew up with?).

We want to pass down a lot to our kids and trouble and/or our trauma ain’t two of those things. 😉

It’s not theirs to do with or deal with, it’s ours to handle and the great thing is that we have the capacity for it. 

They’re so worth it…as are you, as are you!! 

(the younger Nolan in these pics or the older Nolan IRL is the best!).

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.