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The Stars Aligned

The Stars Aligned

The stars aligned.

We had been ready for years to move and explore again outside the US.

We loved living in Europe so much the first times (as a couple in our late 20s and 30s and also as students in high school and college), that we wanted to do it again. We had lived outside the US twice as a family, too, so there are those awesome memories.

A question like “Am I still growing personally & creatively in LA?” was something asked often lately (amongst other questions).

Cue Nolan applying to college both in the states and in Europe where last Spring he was between two of three universities abroad.

He eventually chose the university in Paris.

And it was then, in the kitchen (I’ll never forget), when I shared with Nolan that we would be moving — going to Europe, too. :))

He was psyched.

It’s our time, too, to live out another dream…to salsa by the Seine, to learn French again, to live in France, but also maybe in England and/or Spain…and, of course, to be physically close(r) to our son because that’s who we are.

There for one another if/when we need it.

But the stars. They really did do a thing:

We are empty nesters who are also parents of an only child…

One of us can work from anywhere and the other, after deciding on Europe, got a gig in London.

So yes a door or multiples are opening! Awesome.

But sometimes open doors have screens on them, or have knobs that get stuck. Normal. Happens. And we can fix those knobs, oil ‘‘em up. 

It all hasn’t come without sweat and that’s what I wanted to share.

We still don’t have long-stay visas (no appointment available yet), nor are we finding the French rental market easy (at allll) for expats. Many hoops and almost impossible for those without visas in hand.

But here it is: dreams and what you’ve always wanted are worth it, you WILL figure it out. Dreams meant for us get driven by a different energy. Trust.

And we do… We do! (Again)!

**It’s romantic if you look at it that way. Not everythinggg has to fall into place for you to be happy. Forced to work or sweat a little bit is hot, too.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.