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Success Is In Your Relationships

Success Is In Your Relationships

The work I do holds one core thing or theme at its candlelit center: everything in life is about the relationship you have / hold to it.

Everything in our lives comes back to relationship.

In brand identity work, though it might seem separate, much of what is helpful in growing businesses (or getting clear of the expression of that business out in action in the world) is to look at each of our relationships…

Connected to that, relationships to the people in our life, whether “good” or “bad”, as well as the relationship we have to the past, present or future can be / be-come our identity.

Specifically, the relationship we have to loss, death, heartbreak or disappointment of any kind is a relationship that can get in *between* our human relationships and creative success if we don’t look at each one of them long (look at each one of them loooong)…

No relationship in our lives…the relationship(s) with our kids, partner, friends, not even those with clients will go as deep or last as long if we don’t get on the other side of our traumas or hurts…it’s not possible.

Want more of anything else that you think has little to do with relationship? Nurture a better one (relationship) with how you feel, where that truly comes from and proceed accordingly!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.