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Relentless (I Am) :-)

Relentless (I Am) :-)

A focused optimism and relentlessness.

I’m relentless about my focused optimism. That’s what my husband says (helps us live longer is what I say). Some of what we’ve had to stay optimistic about since arriving in Paris:

  • Visas – they’ll come through!
  • Great apartment – it’s just a matter of time and talking to more people (vs going through relo services)
  • Missing fam & friends – they’re coming to visit, we’ll make new memories via new experiences!
  • Making new friends – it’s just a matter of time and talking to more people 
  • Life – the best (if there’s hard stuff, keep steady…we only know how good it is IF we also experience challenge, let’s simply not over focus on it)
  • Love your people in all ways — through words, physical affection and in quality time (we don’t get more time but we do have enough of it right here & now)

Hi again from France! What dreams do you want to make true even through some challenge? Let’s do it together. 😉

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.