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Mother Of Reinvention

When they’re one and learning to walk, without any words, they are saying to us, hey, Mama, what do *you* want to learn, too? What do you, in your own life, want to passionately take from a walk to a run?

When they’re 10 and they do their first big thing inside whatever activity, trip or friendship, by [their] example, they teach us to do ~ and keep doing ~ activities that empower us, too.

When they’re 18 and we’re helping them pack bags for college, they’re reminding us, yet again (maybe using many more words now) — so, what are you, sweet woman of my life, who has loved me so right, going to [continue] to get into now? What more or other [life] lessons will you pursue? What new curiosities or paths will you follow with verve? How will you continue to nurture your creative being so right?

All the while, at one, 10 or 18, all signs and figures of them are also wanting to say: …and aren’t you excited!?! Be/stay excited. about. *your*. life.

Doing this keeps you young, Mama! Keep living, learning, exploring and traveling to new heights.

The way for us *both* is up. 


Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.