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Josh and I call our partnership a 51% partnership. 

The goal is to each give that much or do that much (be that much to the family). 

I recently went to Nashville for the week with my sis and this idea was coming through as true, too, as I revamp my coaching business/practice (I get to give 51% x 2 or 3 ha as a business owner for this other baby! ;). 

Josh and I do different things for our family, but the commitment and effort is felt as the same ~> it’s Effort with a capital E. It’s what has made touching joy in our family so available over, not just the last 16 years, but over the entire 21 years (Josh and I were a family before this cutie pie joined us). 

That each of our presence is felt in the L I F E of the family and to Nolan has been one top priority. 

I don’t “have help” in Josh when I leave or have left in 16 years (throughout our parenthood, you could say I’ve been gone a lot — as much as Josh has), & we are parents & partners in everything and we do it all.

That we say thank you to each other for doing this or that, means not that we are thanking one another like “thanks for helping me”, but because we each see the Effort the other brings. 

Whatever’s needed, we do. 

To any & all building a family or a business/career, so much of the peace, calm or “results” comes from this particular kind of effort, the capital E kind, BUT most importantly, the kind that’s tied to what’s most Essential.

If you’re giving to family or business in ways that are not Essential to that entity — or only in the ways you find important (to/for you) — but unimportant to others, it’s simply coined energy spent & wheels turning. 

Give, love & create in ways that are Essential to your people. 

Ask them!

To me right now & in real time — a particular brand of attention & nurturing given to this here family as Nolan preps to plan for college or a gap year — and quality time with my sister in Nashville…each Essential. 😉

Make time. SEE people’s Effort and give it yourself. Give in the ways others actually FEEL it.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

Kids Need You To Be…

Focus on your happiness, so you can raise happiness. Your joy is 1,000,000% connected to what your children need. Kids Need You To Be…


This place ~ Amsterdam~ where I once lived and had a baby is my happy place. 

This photo is from 2019 but on a warm July day in 2005 this: in fast labor, almost driven to the hospital by a taxi because we could not get a hold of our friends (me in the shower, warm water hitting my low back, asking Josh every 30 seconds while he was on the phone if he had found anyone to take us yet — there was no hopping on our bikes time this, our primary mode of transport for four years). 

Turns out, our friends were at a rave and taxis are not readily available on Sundays 🚕😳🍹— landlords saving the day (the only comfortable position :::: me on all fours in the back seat of their car…their fear and mine palpable 😆😰🙏🏽).

Got there in time and a bouncing baby boy he, Nolan Luc Mandel, definitely was!!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

How Relationships Are Connected To Your Branding

How Relationships Are Connected To Your Branding

I talk a lot about relationships as a business and brand coach because the health of our relationships IS the health or success inside our business. So, How Relationships Are Connected To Your Branding.

The relationships you hold that are fruitful, joyful, healthy, evolving and, generally, on the up and up, push those same qualities into your creations.

T r u t h.

Our relationships give us the energy, mental stamina, as well as the health & expanse of mind to fully lean in and create to our potential (a healthy relationship with self is obviously integral and included as a theme here).

To bring your full self to your business (which, as entrepreneurs, we are called to do every day 💯), we need solid (healthy) relationships, for if not, they are a distraction and drain (let some go!).

Want a more fruitful and successful business? Make relationships your business!

[The other reason I write or share about relationships: my people and PEOPLE are everything. 🙋🏻‍♀️]

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

Their Time, Not Ours

Their Time, Not Ours

“I don’t want to be and I don’t GET to be in my own “stuff” on Nolan’s time!” 

That’s what I said to a friend recently, when we were talking about parenthood ~> as parents, let’s make sure our inner wounded kid is NOT the one raising our kids.

Every morning, we do GET to recommit to seeing or feeling what ails us and walk straight into dismantling it, or making clearer sense of it so that we don’t pass that particular “work”, trauma or ancestral wounding to our kids…period, end of story (and we do want it to be period & the end of the generational story in most cases). 

Carve out the time to continually be doing your work on YOUR stuff, so you’re not acting out the wounding or trouble from LONG ago on their time / in their life or in their relationship with you (have it be instead what it’s meant to to be ~> brand new and ah filled with equilibrium, openness, wonder and pure, like you’re creating an entirely new relationship with new rules, new mutual respect, a new healthy love and new spirit baked into every ounce than maybe you grew up with?).

We want to pass down a lot to our kids and trouble and/or our trauma ain’t two of those things. 😉

It’s not theirs to do with or deal with, it’s ours to handle and the great thing is that we have the capacity for it. 

They’re so worth it…as are you, as are you!! 

(the younger Nolan in these pics or the older Nolan IRL is the best!).

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.