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How I’m Feeling These Months

I rolled up these sleeves a few months back committing to let go of everything I’ve known about parenting a person 0-16 and learn anew (clean slate!), while enjoying the hell out of this last year before my boy birdie flies (and duh ~ me up for joy and fun? noooo 😉 .

We just finished Junior year being done and I recently got back from witnessing my godson JP graduate from Marin Catholic, Dino’s alma mater. 

We have another graduation party for the son of one my best college friends and my nephew’s graduation was weeks ago and with it all, continued evidence that this most real evolution and transition is looming out there for us (him!) too…


As parents, we feel much joy in seeing them grow, and the truth (reality is) that when we say hello to something new or a new season (oh joy!), we are also saying goodbye to all that we’ve known and gotten quite comfortable with (hi, sadness!). 

THAT is hard, but I’ll tell you what’s not hard!

Seeing our kids do what THEY want (not what *we* want or society wants). Flyyyy! Zig zag, start, stop, pause, do it all *their* way. 

More than any other time in my years of being Nolan’s mama, this time right here and right now is so utterly filled with meaning and magic…

And you know what? Sometimes meaning and magic can make us cry. 

But if you keep searching, asking and digging to the bottom of all the emotion, what you’ll find is that the very seed planted long ago, since conception, but more so through every emotional or relational commitment and deed or presence is producing the most and I mean the MOST beautiful flowers.

GO ON THEN, GO ON MEN! We need you out there ~> 🌎🙌🏽🌱🙏🏽💙!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.