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How I Moved Grief (Surprise, Surprise)

Let me tell you how I have moved through grief:

I haven’t. ;))

I have carried it *alongside* the rest of what life offers (and I offer to it).

Because healing doesn’t mean that it (grief/missing them) goes away, it can simply mean that you keep living a wild and beautiful life *with* the grief and all her valuable lessons in a front pocket.

The only choice we need to make need not be to get over it or force ourselves to “feel better”, but to simply continue to live all other parts of life AS WELL. Live and love your joy AS WELL.

And, really, why would I want “grief” to go away when I can carry her valuable lessons to help me relate and communicate better? To feel for others deeply and to be intimately connected to the knowledge that today is truly all we have?

To me, keeping grief around, is asking these questions on the daily and it’s worked. Most of all, it’s worked to deepen relationships and to continually say yes to all forms of adventure.

Grief has made me a better life liver / giver.

And this is the duality of holding space for both, for the pain — *and* for the joy.

Honoring this and my sweet brother, Dino, today and always.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.