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College in Europe?

The college tour to Ireland, England and France is in the books! We had a blast, pretty much completely burned the candle at both ends (late nights!) having so much quality fun together in these cities and beyond. So. Much. Fun!

Where oh where will he choose. ❤️

If you’re the mom of a Senior (or Junior) in high school, we’re both crying! 😉

Tears of joy, pride and because change can feel too big sometimes for one lone heart, especially when it’s about that special someone in your nest. 

I love this song by the Cranberries as much as the song my heart has had on repeat the last weeks, months and over the last year. 


The only constant is change, but I was fooled in elementary and middle school believing the flight or launch to this next biggest season was so far off. It really wasn’t and isn’t. 



Love up on them always, speak life into them (as in watch your time)…they blossom and open up to you most if you’re understanding of this.

Know how special of a time this can be between you both throughout high school and the last couple years of high school

Take it in, give them loads of quality time and don’t sweat that small stuff!

We brought them into the world to love and expand with them; to witness or “receive” the miracle of them feeling into their own life and the adventure they want to make of it. 

Support them emotionally in all they want to do, remind them it’s their life and see them off, fly birdie fly birdie!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.