“Our” Kids Belong To LIFE

“Our” Kids Belong To LIFE

CELEBRATING—I understood the assignment! 

In May, in the US, we celebrate the mother and in June we celebrate the father, but hot damn if parents and mothers (moms, you carry a very specific mother load!) shouldn’t celebrate EVERY hot chance we get. 

After having dropped Nolan off a couple hours away here in Mexico, I’m 💃🏽 celebrating that I get it.

He belongs to life…

And I LOVE that. True, freeing, joyful.

“Our” Kids Belong To LIFE

We dropped him off at his second conservancy project a couple days ago (the first one last July at an animal conservancy in Kenya…I didn’t sleep the night before because I was so nervous putting my child on a bus on iffy roads for four hours from Nairobi (the org’s bus, mind you, but still), but he was ready, so…ready Josh and I had to be! 

At this point, they genuinely belong to life, not to us (it was an illusion anyway, they never “belonged” to us)…”my kid(s)” or “our kids” is more “these people who came from me/from us, but who are not “mine/or ours”.

“Our” Kids Belong To LIFE

For this letting go in parenthood in excitement vs nerves, I celebrate and for what it means to be the parent of a young adult and the pride held around who that young adult is, and that through the challenges we all go through and that’s he’s experienced, he perseveres and moves to his own beat (auténtico), I celebrate!

This week, he’s in mama ocean scuba diving her waters and doing marine conservation.

I share this here, but best of all, deeply internalizing this moment of feeling more ready and understanding of THE assignment.

Thank you, life for the maneuvering of all your waters, throughout the whole of my own life, for it’s clicked. 😉

In gratitude, too, for almost 17 years of the grand gift of motherhood and of the equal gift of togetherness — and that through the bobbing and swimming of both buoyant and tiring waters, we are WE. 

*We* weave and swim it all as individuals, but together — together, but as individuals. 

Moms, maybe, this is our *collective* assignment and celebration…
we are individuals, but, together!

They belong (we all belong) to LIFE.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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