Mayan Ruins, Women’s Voices

Mayan Ruins, Women's Voices

Mayan Ruins, Women’s Voices. Connection. According to the Mayan calendar, known as the calendar of human life, 2021 is the year about wind, one that comes in and clears the old…

Connected to that, this year is also about communication, a wind from our mouths so to speak, sharing what it is that we need to say…to those we love or to the world.

The number associated with this year, the number nine, also represents women.

2021, then, the Mayan calendar says, being about the rising voice of women.

Here I am above with Josh and Nolan at some of the most important Mayan ruins in Guatemala two years ago (me = proudly Guatemalan).

They have their stance and I have mine.

And, maybe, rather simply, this tells a good chunk of the whole story…with the female voice comes a distinct wisdom, tone, clarity, connectivity, a distinct strength and ability to kick up a wind that finally changes what has been asking to no longer stay the same.

If you know, you know. 💃🏽 Mayan Ruins, Women’s Voices.  #WomensHistoryMonth

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.

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