Gratitude During Hard Times

Gratitude During Hard Times

What it means to be grateful (even/especially) during hard times.

(This photo is not “a hard time”, yet I’ve lived them, lots of them, with ridiculous amounts of joyful times, too).

What it means to be grateful or express gratitude during hard times…

Nourishing your body with wholesome foods.

Being honest/speaking honestly with loved ones about where you are (no isolation).

Taking it all slow…slower.

Much “no.”

When you think thoughts that make your head, heart or belly suffer unnecessarily, pause, realizing that since you’re the one thinking it, you can un-think it by first forgiving yourself for having had the thought…(what’s the next most fruitful or better thought, even 1% better? This is awareness in action).

Asking ~ is what I’m thinking actually true or am I speaking from a wound that has nothing to do with this experience or this person?

Moving the body to move e-motion. Or, not at all moving the body from fetal position…tears “move” the body, too.

Getting weekly therapy in nature — even slowww, meandering, walks around the block looking at every flower, bird and bee helps soothe a soul.

Getting *your* right amount of sleep.

Finding as much quiet as possible…this could be inside gentle music, prayer or meditation.

Reminding yourself over and over that this too shall pass and that no feeling is final.

Gratitude isn’t solely about thinking or verbally saying thanks for the “good” thing (or even thanks for the lessons learned inside the current challenge or “bad” thing)…

Taking care of the physical, emotional and energetic home (body) you live in that’s currently being rocked IS saying thank you.

It’s thanking YOU.

We express a form of gratitude to ourselves *every* time we calm the nervous system. It’s a gift and she’s also called self love…

Supremely welcome.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.

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