Death — A Living Experience?

Death — A Living Experience?

How can we make death a living experience?

Speak about them, do things in honor of them (and speak and speak and speak about them and honor and honor and honor them as much as you want or need to, even if others think you need to be ok by now or be “further along” because it’s been however long)…

Your heart is your only timeline and the medicine is or can be the ritualistic nature of the honoring that feels good to you (and that inspires you to feel).

It/this/all makes me feel closer to them (*reminds* me I’m still close to them — and heals).

Speaking of honoring them — do so, too, by being the reason someone who might feel like they’re dying inside (for whatever reason — there are many), smiles or thinks they’re worthy and / or feels treasured, whether they be stranger or family member.

Death — A Living Experience?

We planted trees in Africa this past August in honor of my Mom & Dino and, as these special moments always do, it fulfilled us and gave us purpose, furthering healing (last photo is the night Dino died).

The land in Africa gives you life (helps return your life back to you in so many ways (it’s how I have felt during both trips there)— do visit in this lifetime if you can), so to return some of that life back to the earth *for* the earth in honor of our beloveds is full circle.

This is the full circle…


As we ask in conscious dying coaching work, how can we make death a living experience?

This is just one (or two) of the way(s)…

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good!

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