Aha, Life.

There are many things that elicit this response from me.

One of those is…dis-connecting. It’s part of what I call Business Yoga™ and though sometimes it’s difficult to maneuver, there’s always room; doorway to walk through…

In fact, it’s a must.

We must make it a must to take time away from our most beloved projects and be in love with time for ourselves.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, full-time parent, deep into writing a book, a Mogul Mom or a few of these all rolled into one, searching out those times where we’re saying “Aha, Life” (Ah, life works just as well) is not only what makes life joyful (memorable) but what gives us fuel to drive the extra mile for our clients, families and partners.

I’m a firm believer in the link between how well our internal operating system is doing and the success not only of our life but of our business as well.

What makes you say “aha, life”? What helps you re-fuel? What stretches your happiness so that then you can come back even more expansive to the business?

The growth of your business, clients and your parasympathetic nervous system thank you.

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