Sad Photos — Why Don’t We Take Them? (I Do)

Question Everything…

Why don’t we take photos of ourselves when we’re sad? (As an experiment, I started taking these shots over the last year, here and there, and have experimented with not adding filters to photos, as well…what will it feel like, I’d ask?).

Usually, the photo — the “selfie” — where we think we look beautiful, sexy or right is the one shared, but the other end of the range of emotion we keep from others or end up keeping to “deal with” in silent.

Why isn’t sad right or worth sharing…why haven’t you and I made it so so that a deeper connection is primo? I’m working this out for myself…

The other night as we watched the game at this fun pub in Dublin, I started to feel tears come up, a rush of emotion came over me.

At that moment, I realized that Nolan is the exact same age that my late brother Dino was (exact age) when he came to stay with us for a month in Amsterdam and we went to see England vs. Croatia (same teams) in the Euro Cup in Portugal.

You guys, it’s this exact moment again, but in another time and place and this time with my own child and not my baby brother.

But the energy is the same. There are even so many things in Nolan’s personality that remind me of Dino and have for the better part of five years.

How cool is that?

Beautiful and maybe even, “right” and shareable tears followed…

Here’s the thing ~ I sat at this pub watching the Irish fiercely cheering England on. Fiercely. And they are aptly adjacent. Many likely have England and the English in their lineage, however, it’s not their team, directly speaking.

In other words, why can’t we cheer sad on as the adjacent familial feeling to joy or the traditionally acceptable, seeing it as a part of us just as the Irish in the pub championed for England?

In other news, everything is temporary– as soon as I allowed myself to feel missing Dino, I was back to feel fully present and in joy with J & N. I won’t share those photos because I think you can picture them. (-:

If we allow the temporal, we allow LIFE.

And, question everything, but don’t question your authentic self…say, show or share what’s true for you.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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