Centering Sessions Available

Centering Sessions Available

I’m not sure which entrepreneur, business owner or self-starter needs to hear this. I know I’ve needed to hear it multiple times:

It’s time to shift up…time to give yourself a promotion.

Just because you have a particular type of business or have been living and breathing in a particular industry for a long time does not at all mean you have to stay there.

Sometimes something that has been working really well can work better (FOR YOUR LIFE) if you actually leave it [just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s good for you…anymore].

Whatever the other business idea or evolution in focus you’ve been thinking about for a long time is, as the world re-opens, why not re-open to the full capacity of yourself, too?

And while we’re all at it, let’s give thoughts, friendships, daily routines and maybe the rushed way we have conversations or never get back to text messages a promotion, too!

>>>> Your creative power (aka your life experience) knows no bounds, so create what’s actually boundless and new!!!


Though for over a decade, I have never offered one-off sessions, I started offering the following Centering Sessions during COVID. I realized that many people felt either stuck or a renewed charge or sense to do what they really wanted to do versus what they thought they had to do (or keep doing).

These were sessions, I had hoped, that would support a current business owner, a NEW business owner or creator in creating ANEW, all aligned best to what was true for them in this NEW moment (we are not the same people we once were)…

To my elation, this was, in fact, the case (!): new clients received the direction and clarity they most needed. A good 50% of them simply needed that one session to spark them into clear and directed action. Others began working consistently with MGI towards a launch, the complete plan or the brand language and messaging.

I haven’t offered them in some months. I was focused on serving my ongoing full-time private clients. However, in May I’m making room for another handful of sessions. I want to support you in understanding what’s next inside your business and/or brand evolution!

It’s time to e v o l v e.

Let’s get you energized to finally move in the direction of what’s most passionate, profitable and, we could say, even playful for you. 

If last year taught us anything it’s this. Don’t go back to what you were doing. Just because you might’ve been good at that something, doesn’t mean it’s good for YOU anymore.

Do what you’re MADE for and finally ready FOR…

~>>> A Centering Session might be for you if you have been:

  • Mulling over different things you’d like to do with your business or creative project but are stuck or feeling stagnancy getting the best of you…
  • Need help answering brand-related questions
  • Can’t figure out what to do first on the list you’ve been compiling for over a year 
  • Know that you need/want to fold the “different” parts of you or NEW offerings INTO what you do moving forward (all under one cohesive umbrella)…

Centering Sessions Available

Again, MGI has four (4) Centering Sessions Available throughout the month of May. I want to help move you to clarity around the next right action, as well as your next three (3) exact steps for both the business and the brand.

As mentioned, the Centering Session will get you unstuck, centered and moving!

Here’s how it works:

1. You register for the hour and fifteen minute session ($250) and choose a day and time that works for you.
3. You fill out a quick questionnaire (I’ll walk you through the different things I need to know via the questions we ask inside).
4. We hop on for our hour and 15 minute call (over the phone or over Zoom).
5. You leave with your plan of next steps as well as clarity around the overall path the business/project and brand should take. 

Let us know if you’re interested in one of the Centering Session spots (there are 4 available) by simply emailing (we will likely can I offer these again for some time). 

I’d love to support you in moving your ideas forward. Not to mention your ENERGY, too (stagnancy is an energy thing!).

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

A Dream I Had (more about it)

A while back I sent you an email with this phrase:

It’s only when you show who you are when more is revealed.

You may or may not remember it, but I wanted to send it through again with even more explanation…

I had a dream many years ago (half awake, half asleep type “dream”) and I heard a very quiet voice say that:

It’s only when you show who you are when more is revealed.

I had never had anything like that happen before or after.

I got up and in my half daze, grabbed a Sharpie (I keep all kinds of pens at my bedside) and wrote it down. To this day, I still have that paper near my bed…

To me, it means many things, but one of them, maybe the most important, is that one of our greatest life purposes is to be more ourselves, not LESS. When we do that, especially as female leaders building businesses with purpose, the more that our dharma/our purpose (or next right action, as discussed at the LIVEN retreat on 6/6/20) is revealed…

Said another way, tell your story, use your life experience, express your full authentic personality (even and especially in business) — fold ALL of you into your everyday life and work in the world, and as you take each step, know you will BE exactly where you need to be (and wanted to be) because committing to the more full expression of self is the way to get the answers we need most about it all…

As I’ve worked and lived this even more in my life and work since that early morning, I can say it’s absolutely true! Keep following the big breadcrumbs when you follow what’s true for you and what genuinely and naturally sparks your soul…


How can you be more unapologetically you in business?

What would genuinely (with less effort) be next for you if you listened to what sparks your soul currently?

How can you move to value and express your life experience as much as your professional experience and infuse more (not less) of your authentic personality into your brand/messaging?

Feel free to take those questions for a spin onto paper. And, if you’d enjoy coaching support (inside a fun group of like-minded women) over six weeks this Summer to show you how to authentically message your business (new or existing) AND MORE, consider joining REIMAGINE: Realizing New Futures for Our Business/Purpose Project and (scroll down to the business and brand strategy topics and details).

Also, note that MGI is offering REIMAGINE at a for such a time as this tuition rate of $197 vs. the typical rate for our six week programs of $997. We genuinely wanted to support you if you are in need of coaching and accountability to get your work out into the world…

I wish for you peace and the joy that comes when we truly integrate more of all of who we are into our work and messaging!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand.

To the best of the rest of your life!

Michelle Ghilotti
Activator, Brand Strategist & Experience Creator

Video For You (We Are Reimagining So Much!)


Calling all lemonade-makers, change-makers and self-shapers (that’s you!!!)

Enrollment has been open for REIMAGINE, Realizing New Futures for Your Business/Purpose Project and Brand and before we close the doors, if you haven’t taken a look, do…

If you’ve ever needed to work on your brand messaging or thought about working with me, this opportunity might be the one. I am offering it at at fraction of what my intimate group programs normally run for and, most importantly, leave with your business and brand strategy completed.

In six weeks, we will travel to land inside your brand and business strategy with gentleness and purpose, all towards the work you can’t not do (I know you’ve been toiling with how to move forward for some time).

Come with your current business or new idea
Lift from stagnation and feel the soulful support.

REIMAGINE, Realizing New Futures for Your Business/Purpose Project and Brand 

Timing: This intimate women’s council begins July 1st, 2020.
Tuition: $197 “for such a time as this” tuition rate (vs. $997)

I can’t wait to work with you and encourage and support you every step of the way.
REIMAGINE is here for such a time as this:

Join us! 

• “I have too much going on, not yet”. Only you’ll know if this is you, but many of us, especially those of us with families think that if we are balancing family, we just can’t devote enough time to our business or project. And then you add a pandemic and all we see is red. However, inside REIMAGINE, we are taking the following approach: for those of you feeling this way, I will support you in finding the one part of your project or business you can easily manage with a schedule that feels right.

When we keep thinking or saying next time or not yet, we look up and two more years have gone by, which, for many of us was not the intention. The idea inside REIMAGINE is to be looked after every step of the way, even as you feel like you’re taking baby steps. But they won’t be because you will be directed and guided and supported every step of the way!

• “I should have my idea more flushed out before I need you/join the council” – You don’t need to have your idea flushed out. That’s what REIMAGINE and this council is all about!

• Again…“I don’t have time” – If you’re truly excited about this idea, business or project, you can bend some time (this is how it’s happened for every single one of my smaller or bigger projects). We find the time for the things that we are truly motivated to birth. Also, inside REIMAGINE, I will also help you with a timing schedule that will help you get there!

• “Sounds great, but I’ve lost the drive.” Maybe it wasn’t the idea for you or maybe you need to take a genuine pause, but do ask yourself, do I truly want to wait longer or might working on my idea/purpose project/business and coming out of stagnancy give me the energy boost I need right now?

If now is genuinely the time and REIMAGINE resonates, I’d love to support you… 

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Michelle Ghilotti
Activator, Brand Strategist & Experience Creator

Announcing REIMAGINE! (Stagnation Be Gone)

It’s here!

As promised yesterday, below is the latest MGI experience that’s officially launched for such a time as this —

This was not in the works months ago, but is what’s necessary now — what I’ve heard again and again is that many of us are finally responding to a bit more energy or fire inside to getting our purpose projects and napping businesses going again (we’ve all needed some TLC and napping…).

This is what you’ve shared — and I‘ve also heard from those of you with businesses still pumping out a lot of work that you’d like to use this time to re-message, pivot or work on a new arm of the business or new idea!

This new creation is a takedown of the work I do everyday with private clients. In six weeks, you’ll leave with the soulful strategy for the foundation of the current or new business or new purpose project idea and brand. 

Kindly take this as your official invite to join us. I’d love to have you with us inside this beautiful journey modeled after my ecopsychology apprenticeship 🙂

Realizing New Futures for your 
Business/Purpose Project and Brand

Again, together, we will create the business and brand strategy for the work that matters most to you to get out there in this new now and for the foreseeable future. We will look at the next few months and prepare you with a new now strategy and a next strategy, as well as make sure that what we are setting you up for what you can commit to, so you can see the results of your work (said another way, so you can get out with this project or work in a way that makes you feel comfortable and sensitive to what’s happening in the world right now)…

The ideas you’ve held onto or that you were stagnant with before the Great Pause of 2020 want to come out and affect the world. You have transformation and purpose work to do with those waiting for you to get this (whatever this is) out there.

Let’s do the work we can’t NOT do and let’s do it inside a more fully-aligned foundation and brand (a full pivot or simple re-messaging, perhaps, we shall see..)

Again, would truly love to have you. Join us as we gather for six weeks inside the creation of this nest-like space and women’s council starting July 1st. Check out the page above or below for more of the daring details…

Let’s get the key things completed in both your business/purpose project and brand messaging with inside a support network that will feel so good to plug into emotionally week after week…

I will likely cap this at 12 ladies to keep the intimate feel of most my gatherings, so join us now if this resonates…

I can’t WAIT to support you every step of the way and help you feeling energized, peaceful and with direction and purpose.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand (and, much more)…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Michelle Ghilotti
Activator, Brand Strategist & Experience Creator