Quest Adventures

Happy August, beautiful woman!

I am ELATED to invite you to Los Angeles to experience this beautiful beach or woodsy offering that joins all of the most important parts of what I do and how I support women to move the needle, not just on their creative, business or passion project, but in their lives.

Who: You & I in a 1-on-1 private day together 
What: It’s called the Quest Adventure Day and it will live up to it
When: September & October dates
Where: Malibu (you choose— the woods or the beach, see photos below!)
How: Through ritual, coaching prompts on the day and active creation time (all with my help), you’ll leave with, important action steps to follow through with, but your own “creative brief” (something I picked up from my decade in the advertising industry) a one page document on all the main communication and business elements for your chosen project/business. 
Why: Because we need unique NATURE experiences like this, especially these days (!!) that pull the NATURAL truth out of us of what we genuinely want to pursue and, quite frankly, need to pursue! You, Creative Heroine, will walk away with complete clarity on the parts of your particular creative, business or passion project that has either eluded you, scared you or is simply not in complete understanding because you have not had any support around it for a very long time (or at all — but for most of my clients, it’s that they haven’t had support around it for a very long time because it’s been put on hold and on hold again and on hold again). 

So…no more stagnancy. Let’s move into Fall and the end of 2022 singing a completely different tune than you might have been singing for approximately two years (or more).

Meet me in Los Angeles (Malibu to help exact)! Feel free to email me back right now (or Vox me @michelleghilottimandel!) to share any questions you may have. And yes, payment plans are available for ease and grace. Inquire within. 

I can’t WAIT to work with you in these beautiful spaces and in this way…let’s do this!


I’ve been off traveling. Having all of the adventures. But I’m back with all the excitement in the world to re-connect with all of you!

I’m going to cut to the chase. I’m elated to share that over the next few months, I will be doing day-long solo and group experiences in Malibu called “Quest Adventures” (beach or in the woods style adventures) to support clients in coming back to their creative projects [and lives] with not only renewed energy and ideas, but leaving with that business/brand or project infused with who you are TODAY (there has been much growth and much new inside of who that now must be aligned to the business or project you will continue to dedicate yourself to).

During our day together, we will:

  • re-engage with your business or purpose projects in a fresh way, 
  • experience unique exercises and practices/adventures, 
  • enjoy an ecopsychology-based solo hike or walk (with specific prompts and reflection time etc.) 

AND enjoy it all in new spaces because, truly, the world is different and we, professionally and personally inside our partnerships and we most definitely are, too.

You will come out the other end with TRUE MOVEMENT FORWARD on what is now the most aligned project or business (and parts of it) for who you are today, goodbye stagnancy.

We will do this by working through the Quest Adventure flow or method, something cultivated over the last 21 years of working with women entrepreneurs (and working with myself!). I created this through:

  • creating meaningful experiences for women, both large and small experiences, with communities through the Greater Good Party, 
  • doing compassion work inside prisons, ecopsychology and conscious dying coaching experience
  • having worked with high-level spiritual teachers one-on-one, such as, but not limited to, teachers like Gabby Bernstein. 

Like you, all have grown in me what I most need and want to share.

Just as I know your business or call to purpose isn’t the same as it was a handful of years ago (maybe the last time you worked on your creative entity or did any business or brand work), neither is mine (wink), and I can’t wait to show you, through this daylong experience, how to infuse the NEW you into your own creation, too!

We will:

  • actively close past chapters (grief temple, failure resume), 
  • sit in the present moment with ideas (who you are today, review gifts of talent, gifts of wisdom and your core gift and THE business idea or purpose project you NEED to grow before 2023) 
  • excitedly plan for the new future 

You will leave with your clear next right actions (at least three) and your “creative brief” answering, what’s the problem we’re trying to solve, who are we talking to, what do we know about them that will help us create and launch this? 

Quest Adventure Day, a business intensive meets mini health and wellness retreat.

Time: 10am – 4:30pm.

Dates available: September 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27 & 28
October 6, 14 & 27

Location: Malibu, the perfect beach or in the woods spot, what’s your vibe? (Please note that depending on the day of the week chosen, we may use the Malibu beach or a part of the beach in Santa Monica — I will let you know ahead of time). 

The day: A day that will feel like a rite of passage, while you also get work d-o-n-e, like nothing you’ve ever experienced in the many years you’ve worked on your business/brand or worked on yourself through your business/brand. 

Let’s do this: To realign, re-work or “massage” what your work is in the world with who you are TODAY, to take what’s been on the backburner of our lives and bring it to the front burner (finally – it’s time!). Another why? Because, as women, creators, families and humans, we need to commune with nature way more often and, overall, shake things up, to marshal all our life energy to create what ours to do in the world.  Let’s shake things up to get them out!

Practices: Through powerful practices, ritual, spiritual guidance and business and brand coaching and consulting we will flow through the Quest Adventure Method (quick overview):

1. Where have I been and how do I let go and let in from here? = ritual and reflection time (we will utilize some conscious dying coaching practices here which will help you release)…

2. What business/creative project or purpose project is mine to do? = commitment time after your solo on the land for 45 minutes (I’ll be waiting for you after your solo beach walk or solo hike)

3. What elements of the entity and what brand language is at the heart and soul of this and when and how do I get these pieces out into the world we live in now. 

4. Last, but not least, we will cover how your most important relationships can support what you’re looking to keep growing (specifically, we will look at your partnership and motherhood and receive much clarity, commitment and creative or creation p o w e r from the exercise we do here). Any grief of unfinished business here will be looked at so we can turn energy toward all of the above.

Think of it ALL as a spiritual quest day for all of YOU where you’ll be walking away with the exact next right actions to take on both the business and brand language side of things. 

In short, I created what I, myself, would have wanted and needed to more fully re-engage with my work in the world, coming out of a time that is asking us to go deep and do it all differently (like radically different). And that goes for the way we create and where we choose to create, too. The whispers at the beach and in the mountains is just different and that will be apparent in, not only how you feel, but inside the short, but powerful list you walk away feeling re-invigorated to truly get after by Fall 2022.  

Let’s make glorious YOU time in Southern California for past, present, future and see you back home feeling lighter, more clear and more directed!

Choose your own adventure: beach or a mountain business-y adventure? Let’s reignite and “relaunch” your business or creative project with the help of what will feel like a warm nature bath this fall.

Your next step: If a Quest Adventure feels like something that will hug and support you, kindly reply back and let me know if you’d like to hold your spot for an upcoming date (and let me know if you’d like the beach or in the woods adventure).

To experience ourselves and our work anew we go! 

Much love. So much giddy love!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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