Your 6 and 7-figure music playlist (and my FREE couture BRAND training!).

There's a new, breezy song by Yuna called "Live Your Life" I wanted to share with you this morning. Ladies, you may want to consider adding it to your 6 and 7-fig playlists.

It starts ~ "Find your light, don't hide from what you are… if you really want to, live if you really want to…" In the most simple and sensual way, it asks us to be the biggest version ~ biggest expression ~ of ourselves.

If you're in, stay with me…

In order to live our legacy and create change (whatever that looks like or feels to you) in the world, in our families and local communities, just as in creating wildly prosperous businesses, it's not about playing dress up. [“Branding” is so much more than cool colors, a logo or fancy website and a successful business is way more than just getting enough clients *this* month — it’s about building something for the long haul that has the potential to create as much as for you as it does for others, such as your employees or the family that counts on you].

When we create mindful brands, we stamp our purpose and true potential on the world. And when we do it from that sensual, unique strength we all have, (from our most authentic place), as the song reminded me, it's even more mad + magical. People begin to share what we got. No struggle, no pushing…


I'm so absolutely passionate about the work I do because there was a time in the ad business when I wasn't throwing all of me into life (nor at my business or business communication when I first started 12 years ago, either). When that changed, literally everything changed.

I am extremely passionate about what this kind of 'brand' work births in women so over the next week and a half, my team and I will be rolling out three (free) videos as part of the Brand to Success series. I hope the three-part series supports you, empowers you and motivates you to create in a bigger way around who you really are and who you're really meant meant to be, in your beloved business and in your beloved one life.

The first video (launched yesterday!) covers the #1 creative strategy for creating a BRAND for your business that supports your six, multiple six and seven-figure goals. And though that's goooood, there's also much more. There's always more for us….

Grab video 1 entitled "Where are You Going?" and your couture worksheet here, all made with xo love (check out the big xo that's part of the background of each video!):


Let me know how this first video supports and inspires you to breathe, business and brand better. I'll respond to each of you on the video series page!

[Song that inspired this post: Live Your Life by Yuma:]


Until next time, ladies, enjoy your business, enjoy your life!





p.s. If you didn't read the post about The Truth about Money yesterday, don't forget to check it out here! As the graphic below says, money (and your ideal clients) are attracted to your CLARITY. Every day, and as much as you can, give yourself the opportunity to show and showcase how clear you are on your uniqueness; on your brand! Grab the FREE training to gain more clarity.










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