Eulogies My Husband And I Wrote

Eulogies My Husband And I Wrote

There have been two times in our life as a couple where we’ve stood in front of each other and cried (wedding & vow renewal) and now, after writing and sharing eulogies we wrote for one other (original post about the idea) we add a third. That’s right. Eulogies My Husband And I Wrote.

These are the outfits we wore on this momentous occasion, a perfect fit really, except for this time, we were not standing. 

We both could feel we’d need to/have to get down closer to the earth to share these words, so, belly to belly, heart closer to the other heart, I plopped myself on top of him as he lay on a beach chair. 

There were about 10 unknowing guests in attendance, up and down the beach and I know many of our ancestors and loved ones up above were there, too.

We sniffed and snotted on each other (a bit) and paused multiple times to get through each eulogy (lots).

We didn’t look at each other for this ceremony and instead found comfort in our long, sleeping embrace.

It was the best of the hardest work we’ve done, proving to us once again that difficult can be beautiful.

Amidst sand on all body parts, sweat gleaming off of us and messy hair (ode to our real life together), it was simple and tender, a profound moment of not just our partnership, but of each of our entire individual lives.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.

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