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Centering Sessions Available

Centering Sessions Available

I’m not sure which entrepreneur, business owner or self-starter needs to hear this. I know I’ve needed to hear it multiple times:

It’s time to shift up…time to give yourself a promotion.

Just because you have a particular type of business or have been living and breathing in a particular industry for a long time does not at all mean you have to stay there.

Sometimes something that has been working really well can work better (FOR YOUR LIFE) if you actually leave it [just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s good for you…anymore].

Whatever the other business idea or evolution in focus you’ve been thinking about for a long time is, as the world re-opens, why not re-open to the full capacity of yourself, too?

And while we’re all at it, let’s give thoughts, friendships, daily routines and maybe the rushed way we have conversations or never get back to text messages a promotion, too!

>>>> Your creative power (aka your life experience) knows no bounds, so create what’s actually boundless and new!!!


Though for over a decade, I have never offered one-off sessions, I started offering the following Centering Sessions during COVID. I realized that many people felt either stuck or a renewed charge or sense to do what they really wanted to do versus what they thought they had to do (or keep doing).

These were sessions, I had hoped, that would support a current business owner, a NEW business owner or creator in creating ANEW, all aligned best to what was true for them in this NEW moment (we are not the same people we once were)…

To my elation, this was, in fact, the case (!): new clients received the direction and clarity they most needed. A good 50% of them simply needed that one session to spark them into clear and directed action. Others began working consistently with MGI towards a launch, the complete plan or the brand language and messaging.

I haven’t offered them in some months. I was focused on serving my ongoing full-time private clients. However, in May I’m making room for another handful of sessions. I want to support you in understanding what’s next inside your business and/or brand evolution!

It’s time to e v o l v e.

Let’s get you energized to finally move in the direction of what’s most passionate, profitable and, we could say, even playful for you. 

If last year taught us anything it’s this. Don’t go back to what you were doing. Just because you might’ve been good at that something, doesn’t mean it’s good for YOU anymore.

Do what you’re MADE for and finally ready FOR…

~>>> A Centering Session might be for you if you have been:

  • Mulling over different things you’d like to do with your business or creative project but are stuck or feeling stagnancy getting the best of you…
  • Need help answering brand-related questions
  • Can’t figure out what to do first on the list you’ve been compiling for over a year 
  • Know that you need/want to fold the “different” parts of you or NEW offerings INTO what you do moving forward (all under one cohesive umbrella)…

Centering Sessions Available

Again, MGI has four (4) Centering Sessions Available throughout the month of May. I want to help move you to clarity around the next right action, as well as your next three (3) exact steps for both the business and the brand.

As mentioned, the Centering Session will get you unstuck, centered and moving!

Here’s how it works:

1. You register for the hour and fifteen minute session ($250) and choose a day and time that works for you.
3. You fill out a quick questionnaire (I’ll walk you through the different things I need to know via the questions we ask inside).
4. We hop on for our hour and 15 minute call (over the phone or over Zoom).
5. You leave with your plan of next steps as well as clarity around the overall path the business/project and brand should take. 

Let us know if you’re interested in one of the Centering Session spots (there are 4 available) by simply emailing (we will likely can I offer these again for some time). 

I’d love to support you in moving your ideas forward. Not to mention your ENERGY, too (stagnancy is an energy thing!).

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

Why I Share My Workouts On Social

Why I Share My Workouts On Social

There is a reason Why I Share My Workouts On Social. I enjoy sharing workouts in my Instagram and Facebook stories, not for the workout itself (though there are cool options here in LA to keep your body guessing that are definitely fun to share), but because it is ultimately all a reminder to me of living a life that is *designed* by me/by you and a reminder, too, that we CAN have everything that is important to us, even (especially) as we nurture others in your family or in business.

Having a life that aligns with what is, not only, important to you, but a nod to what makes you (your uniqueness, your gratitude, your creativity etc) come alive is what we are charged with everyday (purpose).

We get to
marshal all
our life force
for t h a t.

Everything we choose to give time to in our lives…relationships, conversations, moving our body, positive or negative thoughts on repeat in our minds, everythinggg, is our choice and, like a workout, we could say it’s either bringing us closer to balance, peace and wellness or further away from it.

Let’s connect on Facebook and Instagram, where I share more in my stories on living a life that is exclusively and joyfully designed by YOU.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.

What My Facialist Said To Me

What My Facialist Said To Me

“If something doesn’t feel right, speak up, ok?” That’s What My Facialist Said To Me before starting on the different treatments on my face.

…now I’m passing it on to you and your daughters and your cousins and your nieces and your sisters: if something doesn’t feel right, speak up, ok? 

I’m not quite sure what wouldn’t have felt “right” with such a nurturing face massage + more similar delight. I love the reminder on What My Facialist Said To Me. I also came for was this message…to send it out for whomever needs to hear it ~> continue to use your voice, because you/we don’t want to lose it 💖.


Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.

Gratitude During Hard Times

Gratitude During Hard Times

What it means to be grateful (even/especially) during hard times.

(This photo is not “a hard time”, yet I’ve lived them, lots of them, with ridiculous amounts of joyful times, too).

What it means to be grateful or express gratitude during hard times…

Nourishing your body with wholesome foods.

Being honest/speaking honestly with loved ones about where you are (no isolation).

Taking it all slow…slower.

Much “no.”

When you think thoughts that make your head, heart or belly suffer unnecessarily, pause, realizing that since you’re the one thinking it, you can un-think it by first forgiving yourself for having had the thought…(what’s the next most fruitful or better thought, even 1% better? This is awareness in action).

Asking ~ is what I’m thinking actually true or am I speaking from a wound that has nothing to do with this experience or this person?

Moving the body to move e-motion. Or, not at all moving the body from fetal position…tears “move” the body, too.

Getting weekly therapy in nature — even slowww, meandering, walks around the block looking at every flower, bird and bee helps soothe a soul.

Getting *your* right amount of sleep.

Finding as much quiet as possible…this could be inside gentle music, prayer or meditation.

Reminding yourself over and over that this too shall pass and that no feeling is final.

Gratitude isn’t solely about thinking or verbally saying thanks for the “good” thing (or even thanks for the lessons learned inside the current challenge or “bad” thing)…

Taking care of the physical, emotional and energetic home (body) you live in that’s currently being rocked IS saying thank you.

It’s thanking YOU.

We express a form of gratitude to ourselves *every* time we calm the nervous system. It’s a gift and she’s also called self love…

Supremely welcome.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.