This Life, Man…

This life, man.

Man, we have this one big, beautiful life (as far as we know). 😉 

If we paid as much attention to the time inside relationships as we do on work or what supplements or medicines we need to take, we would be some of the healthiest people on planet earth.

Without people and the effort we make, life is dull and solitary, not healthy, nor nearly as fun.

It’s fun to call people back, even if you’re not a phone person like me, it’s smart to get some sort of ‘system’ for making sure we text people back, it’s mature of us, too, to make both the good conversations and the more tough conversations a priority. Plus —work schmerk…we’ve all have had that excuse and it’s just not any good anymore.

What’s left unsaid is often left in us when someone passes(this goes for both the lovey-dovey stuff, as well as the challenging convos that might, before they (or you) go, produce an understanding and/or a greater level of peace inside both of you and inside the relationship).

Don’t wait for another day to share time, to say what you want to say, to tell them you love them (or that they always look so flipping good in that color), to make the date to go for that walk or to go dancing…and it’s *these* moments that connect and create the stronger bond of support we all need…

When people say you can’t take it with you, in regards to money, it’s true — but what we can and do take with us, is anything at all that is emotional or connecting in its outcome…also, we can’t forget that which continually connects us to the people in our lives, in turn, connects us to ourselves.

In all these ways, let’s fill up on love and effort! 

THIS life man. It’s a good one when you make it so!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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