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Why I Share My Workouts On Social

Why I Share My Workouts On Social

There is a reason Why I Share My Workouts On Social. I enjoy sharing workouts in my Instagram and Facebook stories, not for the workout itself (though there are cool options here in LA to keep your body guessing that are definitely fun to share), but because it is ultimately all a reminder to me of living a life that is *designed* by me/by you and a reminder, too, that we CAN have everything that is important to us, even (especially) as we nurture others in your family or in business.

Having a life that aligns with what is, not only, important to you, but a nod to what makes you (your uniqueness, your gratitude, your creativity etc) come alive is what we are charged with everyday (purpose).

We get to
marshal all
our life force
for t h a t.

Everything we choose to give time to in our lives…relationships, conversations, moving our body, positive or negative thoughts on repeat in our minds, everythinggg, is our choice and, like a workout, we could say it’s either bringing us closer to balance, peace and wellness or further away from it.

Let’s connect on Facebook and Instagram, where I share more in my stories on living a life that is exclusively and joyfully designed by YOU.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life. 

Life is good.