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She’s Still In There (Photo)

She’s Still In There (Photo)

That 12 year old girl? She’s still in there. Btw, yours is, too. 

Moving to Paris has been magical. I can’t believe it’s been six months. And I can say that as a 12-year-old girl during my first trip to Europe, I was forever changed…

My eyes were opened to so many possibilities. 

And I think it was all those years ago that I became a serial expat (in my mind and then in real life). Having now lived in the Netherlands, Mexico, and France I can say that chasing dreams and ‘catching up to my soul’ (and her whispers) has been validating. It doesn’t mean it’s been easy, but it’s definitely been worth it.

What are you looking to create or expand your wings around? What whispers have you been receiving lately and what did you, too, enjoy as a little girl that is still in there?

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.