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Nature Quests (And The Only Thing You Have Control Over)

Nature Quests (And The Only Thing You Have Control Over)

Recently I prepped for 1-on-1 & group women’s day quest meetings with YOU in Malibu (created these experiences to match what I, myself, would have needed/wanted, especially after the last couple years, keep eyes peeled!). 

Being here sparked this share…

One of the ONLY things you can control is your breath. 

You can’t control your partner, you can’t control the weather, you can’t control death, you can’t control your kids, you can’t control flight delays this Summer, even eating healthily & working out, you can’t ultimately “control” your exact health picture and how long you’ll live.

But you do have control over how you take in stimuli, or better yet, how you process it or let it affect you & all you do…

Steadying your breath steadies your nervous system, which steadies your thoughts, your reactions to things, your relationships, all steadying your life.

Five breaths in, with an audible exhale out (focus on a powerful out breath). Do that once, or best yet, five times through before saying yes or no to that opportunity, before you talk to your toddler or your teenager, before you do, just be.

Regulating your nervous system is the best gift you can give yourself & biggest gift we can teach our kids. Teach them what they can control to feel better almost instantly!

Change your breath, change your life. 😚

Though the goal in Malibu was to work through how to re-engage the relationship with your biz/purpose project (+ brand language), as well as with the relationship with your partner & child in unique ways, the breath naturally flows more effortlessly out here, so you’ll be “working” that, too. 🙂


[Started yoga almost 17 years ago after Nolan was born because I heard it was a great workout, but, this is what happened: I walked out a better mother. The breath (space/calm) it taught this woman who has been go, go, go, high energy & always scheming [much in the brain]) unequivocally changed life, my communication & my awareness of self, especially as those harder times roll in like the wind. So! Yoga = not a workout, it’s breath work. And, your LIFE (the calmer one) also breath work!] 😉

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.