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An Intentional Life

An Intentional Life

A cannon just above my head in the photo wasn’t the intended vibe, but this is: an intentional life. 

What do you intend to *feel* in your life on the daily? Create that within yourself. Search out consistent individual experiences, personal development and honesty practices (underdeveloped in women) that cause the intended feeling to erupt out of you. 

My answer in a *feeling* is always peace (always). To me, if we feel peace inside consistently, we can touch happiness and joy and elation way more easily. It’s what I want most in life (for all, really), so I do a lot that brings that out or in…

It’s “work” (if we want a fulfilling, fruitful life, we can’t let our guard down;-), but it’s worth it.

Don’t look to others to do “it” for you; to find or BE the peace or happiness or balance for you.

My peace (how I experience it, how I enjoy MY life) = it’s really all I have control over because, in the end, renegade photog husbands will do what *they* want to do. 😉

[p.s. there was life in the form of rabbits (many) hopping around the military museum in Paris!].

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

Creation of Peace in the Home

Creation of Peace in the Home

What I’ve always told those who know us well (and those who don’t) is that our house is filled with peace (though joy and/or happiness is a consideration, I’d choose peace over all the other choices). 

To be honest or fair, as much as this is a comment on how our personalities mesh or flow with one another, it’s also a comment on my intentional creation of said peaceful home (parents, I know you understand).

It’s what I deliberately set out to create.

And, early on, speaking of deliberate, I knew or could sense, too, that we would be a family of three — or that I only wanted one child (how very un-Latin of me! ;))

…and a family of three we stayed. 

It was a loving and beautiful decision for us. It’s been the best (for us ~ just as others’ decisions feel so to them, not to say, of course, that all decisions are those we’re happy with). 

But as women/moms, we’ve been given a deep sense of intuition and knowing for a reason…to follow (~>shows us to the life we’re meant to live). 

My gut knew…one child. Deep peace in the home. Focus on that. 

…do what instinctively feels right for you and your family, even if, in our case, it meant “leaving Nolan without a sibling”, as some have said. But also — what is he receiving and has he already received from THIS experience? 

Question everything until you land on you. 

{Back to peace} — we create what we want to be part of AND we create what we didn’t feel or experience to the degree we would have liked B E C A U S E we SO want our kids to have it (again, I know you get it). 

Thankful today ~ and all days ~ for my motherhood which reflects back to me in such full determination and care, so I can then continue to give those things right back to my son; my wish let loose on the world!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

Nature Quests (And The Only Thing You Have Control Over)

Nature Quests (And The Only Thing You Have Control Over)

Recently I prepped for 1-on-1 & group women’s day quest meetings with YOU in Malibu (created these experiences to match what I, myself, would have needed/wanted, especially after the last couple years, keep eyes peeled!). 

Being here sparked this share…

One of the ONLY things you can control is your breath. 

You can’t control your partner, you can’t control the weather, you can’t control death, you can’t control your kids, you can’t control flight delays this Summer, even eating healthily & working out, you can’t ultimately “control” your exact health picture and how long you’ll live.

But you do have control over how you take in stimuli, or better yet, how you process it or let it affect you & all you do…

Steadying your breath steadies your nervous system, which steadies your thoughts, your reactions to things, your relationships, all steadying your life.

Five breaths in, with an audible exhale out (focus on a powerful out breath). Do that once, or best yet, five times through before saying yes or no to that opportunity, before you talk to your toddler or your teenager, before you do, just be.

Regulating your nervous system is the best gift you can give yourself & biggest gift we can teach our kids. Teach them what they can control to feel better almost instantly!

Change your breath, change your life. 😚

Though the goal in Malibu was to work through how to re-engage the relationship with your biz/purpose project (+ brand language), as well as with the relationship with your partner & child in unique ways, the breath naturally flows more effortlessly out here, so you’ll be “working” that, too. 🙂


[Started yoga almost 17 years ago after Nolan was born because I heard it was a great workout, but, this is what happened: I walked out a better mother. The breath (space/calm) it taught this woman who has been go, go, go, high energy & always scheming [much in the brain]) unequivocally changed life, my communication & my awareness of self, especially as those harder times roll in like the wind. So! Yoga = not a workout, it’s breath work. And, your LIFE (the calmer one) also breath work!] 😉

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

How I’m Feeling These Months

I rolled up these sleeves a few months back committing to let go of everything I’ve known about parenting a person 0-16 and learn anew (clean slate!), while enjoying the hell out of this last year before my boy birdie flies (and duh ~ me up for joy and fun? noooo 😉 .

We just finished Junior year being done and I recently got back from witnessing my godson JP graduate from Marin Catholic, Dino’s alma mater. 

We have another graduation party for the son of one my best college friends and my nephew’s graduation was weeks ago and with it all, continued evidence that this most real evolution and transition is looming out there for us (him!) too…


As parents, we feel much joy in seeing them grow, and the truth (reality is) that when we say hello to something new or a new season (oh joy!), we are also saying goodbye to all that we’ve known and gotten quite comfortable with (hi, sadness!). 

THAT is hard, but I’ll tell you what’s not hard!

Seeing our kids do what THEY want (not what *we* want or society wants). Flyyyy! Zig zag, start, stop, pause, do it all *their* way. 

More than any other time in my years of being Nolan’s mama, this time right here and right now is so utterly filled with meaning and magic…

And you know what? Sometimes meaning and magic can make us cry. 

But if you keep searching, asking and digging to the bottom of all the emotion, what you’ll find is that the very seed planted long ago, since conception, but more so through every emotional or relational commitment and deed or presence is producing the most and I mean the MOST beautiful flowers.

GO ON THEN, GO ON MEN! We need you out there ~> 🌎🙌🏽🌱🙏🏽💙!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.