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An Intentional Life

An Intentional Life

A cannon just above my head in the photo wasn’t the intended vibe, but this is: an intentional life. 

What do you intend to *feel* in your life on the daily? Create that within yourself. Search out consistent individual experiences, personal development and honesty practices (underdeveloped in women) that cause the intended feeling to erupt out of you. 

My answer in a *feeling* is always peace (always). To me, if we feel peace inside consistently, we can touch happiness and joy and elation way more easily. It’s what I want most in life (for all, really), so I do a lot that brings that out or in…

It’s “work” (if we want a fulfilling, fruitful life, we can’t let our guard down;-), but it’s worth it.

Don’t look to others to do “it” for you; to find or BE the peace or happiness or balance for you.

My peace (how I experience it, how I enjoy MY life) = it’s really all I have control over because, in the end, renegade photog husbands will do what *they* want to do. 😉

[p.s. there was life in the form of rabbits (many) hopping around the military museum in Paris!].

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.