Success message from 35,000 feet: dissolve vs. solve!


Check out this message from 35,000 feet on the way to Portland for the 3rd stop on the brand tour! Though my 12 year business anniversary was in September, I'm still celebrating by traveling domestically and internationally hosting brand personality workshops. Nine (9) more to go and I can't wait!

The video below is technically part deux of the message from last week (you can watch that one below too).

For new entrepreneurs (but I believe it applies to many of us in different stages too), it's so important to at some point flip the ratio of learning to doing….to even ~ dare I say it ~ put down the learning altogether for a bit, UP the belief in self and get more into the action.  (Most specifically, this may mean turning off the free webinar / closing out on that 5th class you just purcahse or on that new PDF you just downloaded from another website).

We get our 10,000 hours buy running them not reading about them. Agree? Disagree?

Or, in other words, growing into more and more success calls for mastering the art of doing. And, as the second video shares, the success we all want also calls for what I call dissolving vs. solving. Watch it now to see what I mean:

And, here's the first video from last week that will show you how I started the conversation:

What about this do you resonate? I'd love to read your comments so please leave one below and share with your friends, especially if they are new entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs attempting to grow into a larger level of success…let's inspire each other as a community to trust in our ability and, in the process, create more visibility and vavoom in our lives and businesses!

You know so much more than you think you do and ARE ready to get out there in a bigger way. Ready (or even if you don't feel 100% "ready"), set, GO!

Enjoy your business and enjoy your life!





p.s. What part of these video messages resonated? Would love to hear in the comments below!

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