Instantly, within seconds of my first coaching call with Michelle, I felt understood. Her intuitive reasoning and suggestions felt so spot on that my heart opened tremendously to my higher self. She held space, sacred space, for me as I sought to move forward with articulating and blending my business and self to the world. So much of how we brand ourselves is based upon confidence, and as I was feeling wishy-washy with how to share my passion with the world, I just needed to be understood so I could fully stand in my own wisdom. Michelle, and her grace, were the keys for me. Having a coaching session with her is like being rocked into your own fame. She is deep, sagacious and absolutely lovely.

left sideJessica McKleskey Hood, Coach, LOS ANGELESright side


What can I say, Michelle gets ME! She has helped me work through my marketing/ branding kinks. Working with Michelle one-on-one flows. Michelle advices from her head, heart, and gut. She has been so genuinely enthusiastic about my unique ideas; her energy helps me move forward with my goals. Some ideas have been floating in my head for over 5 years and now I am taking action from bothmind, body, and spirit. Yes, Michelle’s prices cost a lot of yoga classes but she’s worth every penny:) Thank you, Michelle!”

left sideCindi Lee, Yoga Instructor, Los Angelesright side


Before working with Michelle, I was confused about how to bring my gifts together in a concise way. Michelle’s incredible background in branding helped me to clarify my message as well as allow me to see what gifts were in fact “marketable”. My work is now a direct representation of my passions, which Michelle urged me to embrace.. and I am forever grateful! And she is just a complete joy to have as a co-collaborator.

left sideJoanne Cohen, Coach, CALIFORNIAright side


Michelle’s creative generosity was inmeasureable from start to end. She led us through this unknown world of brand, design and creativity, being patient and understanding all the way! The end result turned out perfectly (as was to be expected). And, as always, professionalism was on top of Michelle’s list. We were sad to see her leave Amsterdam…we wish her all the best.

left sideLee, Corpus Rub, AMSTERDAMright side


I’ve been working with Michelle on branding work and she is fantastic! Our one-on-one sessions have really helped me clarify my message and inspired me to boldy take action in my business. She knows her stuff and really helped me see myself in a new, bright light. She helped me see my own light! I highly recommend Michelle for anyone needing a fresh perspective on their business or needing to brand themselves or their company for the first time!

left sideRachel Eppinga, Acupuncturist and Whole Food Wisdom, Portlandright side


I’m not a big believer in “everything happens for a reason” or “the right place at the right time”, but I do know that there are moments when what you need comes into your life, and hopefully you are open enough to receive it. That was how Michelle Ghilotti came into our world (under our Canopy!), and how she has helped us move a huge distance in a short amount of time. She immediately felt our energy and personalities, and had ideas on how to maximize our reach, simply by blossoming who we already are as a company! Our sessions with Michelle were filled with her enthusiastic support of us finding our truly authentic brand, as well as specific, hands on action items. It has been an exciting, fluid, and surprisingly easy process! Finding her has been such a gift…thank you Michelle!

left sideMollie Bennett, Owner CANOPY, Huntington Beachright side


Wow… where do I begin? I’ve said repeatedly that YOU (and the work we are doing together) is exactly what I needed right now in my business. I’m plenty self motivated and certainly have not been lacking in ideas for my biz. But all the self motivation wasn’t getting me anywhere near what I could and should have been doing with Mpower. After hearing you speak and certainly after our chat at the conference, I knew working with you was what I needed. The impact the last 6 weeks has had on me is perhaps more than I can accurately describe in words. This is not a love fest… it’s the honest truth! The work that we are doing (and will continue to do) is allowing me to serve my TRUE purpose on this planet (aside from being a mom and wife) and how do you measure that? The work we’re doing is allowing me to not just dream about what I can do with my biz, but actually make it happen. Michelle helped me gain the clarity and confidence in my business that I needed. She is not only a “rock star” motivator, but her experience and knowledge helped guide me through specific “action steps” to propel my business to the next level. The last 6 weeks I’ve made more progress in my business than I have in 3 1/2 years and I know it is only the beginning. This has all made a difference in my business and in my life. I’m lifting my “virtual” glass of champagne to your success…thank you!!!

left sideMichele Gillman, Personal Trainer, Tustinright side


Michelle’s Create a Charismatic Brand Course helped me do just that! Through her incredibly detailed guidebooks and inspiring weekly tele-courses, I learned how to combine my specific talents with my ideal clients’ needs & desires to create a brand that both inspires me and my ideal clients. I have never felt more focused in or fulfilled by my business! I am now clear and confident in how I speak to potential clients, whether face-to-face, on the phone, and via social media. Michelle is kind, knowledgeable, supportive, and really understands the unique challenges of being a busy entrepreneurial woman with multiple responsibilities. If you’re looking for help with your business branding, both Michelle and this great course will give you just that!

left sideAmber Keating, Therapist, Los Angelesright side


I had such an awesome experience! I I came to Michelle as a VIP client and I really wanted to fully understand what my brand and purpose was within the work so I could stand out as a unique pilates instructor. I wanted to have a container for that.

And I feel that you really provided a sacred container that allowed me to get clear and learn what action steps I needed to take and how to prioritize that. I feel like you opened this huge door for me that I was able to really explore and express all different aspects of how I want my brand to be. Your presence is very strong and you have such an amazing passion for your work and its very, very wonderful to be in that energy! You coached me from a place of balance ~ one that included a strong, male-driven hardworking energy but also the female passionate and loving energy and I feel like you showed me how I can do that in my business as well. I’m so grateful for that. Thank you! I recommend working with Michelle to get clear on their brand, their marketing strategy, what to include, what steps to take and where to start. It was all around, a very comprehensive experience. I look forward to working with you again!

left sideHolly Barber, PWH Pilates, Salt Lake Cityright side


I worked with Michelle in a branding session over skype (since I live in Germany) and it was really amazing working with her.

It feels so fun to work with her. I LOVED it! First of all, I’ve gained so much confidence and clarity. I’ve had so many breakthroughs. She helped me get clear on the content for my programs and services and she gave me great ideas for my newsletters, blog articles and workshops as well as wonderful advice for how to communicate with my target audience. Everything was true, real and authentic for me which was the best part.

I recommend working with her first of all because it’s FUN, she knows what she’s talking about and her advice is always pin-pointed…priceless.

left sideKatja Schmid, Coach, Bavaria Germany right side


Finding Michelle was truly one of those beautiful gifts that arrive at the perfect moment in time. As a company and as professionals, my partner and I were stuck at a point, where we were beginning to feel frustrated and discouraged, and were truly contemplating whether or not we could create a viable business. Then we found Michelle, and she not only gave us the professional expertise and direction we needed, she affirmed that we could have success by believing in who we were and following what we loved to do.

I so appreciated her mantra in every session, of starting with what speaks and excites you, and let your strategy be created from there. It has given us more confidence to come from that authentic and exciting place of making decisions starting from the “we want” versus “we should” place.

Thanks Michelle for your wisdom, insight and validation…I will forever be grateful.

left sideShaila Saint, Owner Canopy, Huntington Beachright side


I want to land a series of big fat kisses on your cheek right now! YOU ARE AMAZING. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found my way to you. You are brilliant and not only with your expertise in design but in the way your mind masterfully works and associates; you have figured me out without even speaking to me. You made it all happen with such grace, spunk, humor and charm. I could go on for many pages because this is a true love fest. Thank you so much!

left sideKate, Kate Harrison Photography, San Francisco Bay Arearight side


I had visited Michelle Ghilotti’s site a few times, within a space of 12 months then the usual happens, distracted by working on client’s projects, family things to attend to, meanwhile it’s 2012 and the struggle to grasp summing up ‘the thing’ in this case a ‘tagline’ was still annoying and frustrating me. Why is a tagline so important?

Michelle was ‘immediately’ in synch with my dilemma. Michelle’s dedication to you, with an unbelievable talent and down to earth warm nature made it a dream to work with Michelle. In fact it never felt like work, it was more like a ‘retreat’. Within a few days Michelle had helped me grasp the tagline, that had been frustrating me for over a year – that’s (Twelve M O N T H S). At the end of our session (retreat), it felt like I had been in a Yoga session and uttering the final words of ‘Namaste’ was a fitting conclusion to this wonderful opportunity. Michelle’s amazing talent, professionalism and personable manner provided immense comfort and sets you on the road to success in next of no time.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur struggling to know what your brand is and how to best attract clients to that ? OR your one of the many millions of Mum’s out there, who are struggling to find the TIME to move your business forward ( hello guys ) then I ‘HIGHLY ‘ recommend you do one of the following ‘RIGHT NOW’

  • Pick up the phone and call Michelle Ghilotti.
  • (phone hours 9a ~ 3pm) ( 1 minute to do this )
  • Send an email to michelle@michelleghilotti.com ( 2 minutes to do this )
  • Click below link to send a message to Michelle on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MichelleGhilotti (2 minutes to do this )

left sideMichelle S’gro, Marketing, Australiaright side


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle on a couple of occasions. We instantly clicked and I knew that she had a genuine interest in my projects. Her engaging and energetic demeanor is contagious. I’m not great at tooting my own horn and I sometimes feel awkward talking about myself and the ideas I have. Michelle has the wonderful ability of getting you to open up about yourself, realizing you have a voice that needs to be heard and it’s okay to be your biggest fan. Working with Michelle is like holding a mirror up to yourself, she radiates back to you your best reflection. She is one of the best listeners I’ve had the pleasure of working with . . . she really does hear what you’re saying!

On of the projects included the creation of my boutique’s business logo, tagline, promotional and marketing materials. Through Michelle I was able to define what I wanted to project about my business. Essentially what I wanted to tell the world about myself!

Michelle really loves life and it shows in everything she does. Why wouldn’t you want to work with someone like that?

left sideSara Helmer, Golden Boutique, Portlandright side