Polarize, lean in and one path (what this means for your branding success)


New Mexico, here I come! Thank you to the beautiful Jessica Eaves
 Mathews of Hautepreneurs for her partnership in this next stop!

Well, hey, at least I was home long enough to prepare for the next stop, service private clients, take holiday family photos (very, very silly ones dressed as celebrities!) and do a little ecstatic dancing! Ha.

As some of you know, I’ve been leading my brand personality tour in celebration of 12 years in business (New Mexico will be the 4th stop of 12!). I've also been traveling to seminars AND planning my second group branding program to be released in 2014. Exciting stuff.

This coming Friday, it's off to ABQ, I go (can't thank my friend and brand cohort, Jessica Eaves Mathews, enough for her and Hautepreneurs' support in making this next stop as elegant, classy and warm as the others have been).

Team work makes the dream work.

So…what's one of the main things I'm looking forward to in ABQ?

I can't WAIT to motivate ladies to continue to strut their stuff on both the catwalk of life and business. And how will we do that? Well, we'll do that through the filter of authentic branding! And through giving each woman their clarity around their particular brand personality.

Each of the 20+ ladies will leave with their unique brand personality, just as they did in Portland, New York and San Francisco so far. Because I know you're just as visual and a lover of eye candy as I am, here are some photos of the Portland weekend at the Ace Hotel (I'll be sure to share ABQ photos once I have them after this weekend):





I had SUCH a great time in Oregon (Portland is one of my all-time favorite US cities). Being a part of the synergy between women as well as a part of the ahas and brilliant ideas that day was something, well, that I live for.

So, before I get back to prepping for the next tour stop and my private sessions coming up, I have something for you!

I wanted to share a few things with you that I shared in Portland. My intention is always to help you too increase the fun, happiness and financial potential of your business and brand. Always and in all ways.

So, here goes:

#1. Polarize ~ You know you're on the road to creating a brand with powerful, authentic personality if you don't appeal to everyone. Remember that phrase 'if you're about everyone, you're about noone?" It's true. In order to make an impact (and impact your bottom line), you need to inch closer to being polarizing.

Now, I'm not saying to go out with the charge of polarizing, necessarily, but I am saying that to create a truly memorable brand that people remember (ahem, as a leader in your field), we must finally let go of all the restraints or stories we've been carrying around that keep us only half-way self-expressed (at best). How can you move more towards 80, 90, 150% of your true self…of who you really are, what you truly believe and what it is that your business is a stand for in this world? Not everyone will love you but those that will, will really love you…and these are the ideal clients that will invest in what you have to offer at the highest level.

–> Do the archaelogical dig on you. On ALL THINGS YOU. Then get help in putting back the most important pieces in the most compelling order (the branding process). Once you see how gorgeous you really are, you will want to strut your stuff every chance you get. Other than that, start doing things like ecstatic dance and your desire to be you unabashedly will grow, I promise 😉

#2. Lean-in: Just one of the many important reasons we brand ourselves is so that we really engage our tribe. We don't want to  create a lukewarm or default brand. We want to be on purpose with our digging and making sense of our story so that we can put the pieces back together in the most compelling way.

Your haute (HOT) communication that includes your focused message and brand story will makes the right people, lean in and lean in more and more every time. Think of all your brand's touchpoints (everything from your programs/services, speaking topics, social media, website, tagline, marketing etc) ~ are all of them pulling their weight? Is each word, visual, program, marketing piece you send out inspiring your ideal clients to lean in to hear more of what you have to say and offer? What sort of action do you want them to take right now (is it a new free teleseminar or a new program you're launching?) and are you putting enough mindful creative and strategic juices into the expression of what the value is? And of who you are and therefore the expertise and quality they will get once they connext with you more fully?

–> Get clear on the feeling you're selling (the feeling behind the solution) and infuse that into your communication at every turn. Feeling wins every time.

3. One Path ~ I once asked a Swami how to know what path to follow if both left and right paths looked as if they'd yield the same amount of happiness for us. In a room of about 100 people, without skipping a beat, he said, "You choose one path, one path at a time, next!?". Where have you, in your branding and business, been detouring, getting lost and switching directions what feels like every other day?

If you're not sure where you're going, clients will be even less sure. If you're not sure what you're selling (or what you need to brand), they won't know why they should say yes.

—> Stick to one message for a long enough time, stick to one point of focus and one "genius area"…pump up the volume on that, build your confidence around it and watch your bank account and happiness in business and life grow exponentially.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand!

With that and until next time, enjoy your business, enjoy your life!






p.s. to keep up with all the amazing and top notch projects and businesses Jessica, my friend and partner in bringing my workshop to the ladies in ABQ, please visit her entrepreneur organization here: https://www.facebook.com/Hautepreneurs and her booming trademark service legal group company at http://www.leverage-a-lawyer.com/. She's the best in so many ways!

p.p.s. to see the list of where I may be off to next, check out my brand tour page at www.michelleghilotti.com/boutique-branding-tour/ .  If you would like me to consider visiting your city, email us at admin@michelleghilotti.com. Merci!

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