Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

I found the fountain of youth.

It’s inside my husband. 


I saw it clearly recently on his birthday…that to feel alive (more excited about what lies ahead versus what lies behind you), to have people want to be around you often AND to look *at least* seven years younger, it’s about clean living (not the type you’re thinking of)…

Clean living —— he does all these things, or tries most days to live here and I *feel* it (he’s sitting next to me right now waiting for Nolan’s second to last high school soccer game to start).

Fountain of Youth

Clean thinking, clean thoughts…
…about self and others (genuinely wanting the best for both).

Clean giving…
…without expecting anything in return (yet receiving ALL the love and support you need —always and both from seen and unseen sources).

Clean speaking…
…speaking life into those you love (and even into those you don’t know)…good human’ing.

Clean perspective…
…about work/life balance and about what’s most important.

Clean. Living. (and Loving).
…live…love longer!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

Suicide is Real, Let’s ask

Suicide is Real, Let's ask

Let’s talk about something very important (trigger warning if you don’t want to talk about or even hear the word suicide one or two more times). 

Stephen “Twitch” Boss died about a month ago and I have this conversation on my mind and this topic on my heart often. 

I’ll cut to it…

One thing I think we could easily change in our culture is telling acquaintances, friends and family alike the real truth when they ask “how are you?”

Especially in American culture, we are so used to quickly answering “good!” when, maybe, we are not “good”.

The knee-jerk “good” is not in their rhythm which was refreshing to live for those four years.

It’s something I brought back with me 16 years ago.

How can we each start telling the truth more when asked, “how are you?” — to those we see on a daily basis, on social media, to our kids, to our friends etc?

The more we talk (less superficially) and the more WE are honest, maybe, just maybe, the guilt and shame that comes with suffering and mental health or someone contemplating suicide (and maybe wanting to talk about it instead of being alone with those thoughts) will begin to diminish

But we have to remember that this is complex and it isn’t as simple as telling people to talk to us, there’s been a whole culture created telling us, in no uncertain terms, that it’s not safe to be who we (really) are, that we are not accepted if “weak” and that we are somehow different or unlikable if we are suffering…

Maybe you and I can change that on a daily basis with the way we respond to the question we (all) get asked more than anything else…”how are you?”

Or maybe we should change the question to, how are you… really? Possibly being brave enough to ask, are you suffering? Or are you contemplating suicide?

My sign off today is different than it normally is, yes, life is good (I love that part of my signature inside my newsletters), and I do hope that you make happiness your business, however, I also know that happiness and goodness is not the solution, it’s having raw and very real conversations as a culture, society and as a group of friends or family and it requires us to potentially feel uncomfortable. In my opinion, it’s worth it. 

Would love to hear your thoughts. How are you today…but really, how are you?  ❤️

College in Europe?

The college tour to Ireland, England and France is in the books! We had a blast, pretty much completely burned the candle at both ends (late nights!) having so much quality fun together in these cities and beyond. So. Much. Fun!

Where oh where will he choose. ❤️

If you’re the mom of a Senior (or Junior) in high school, we’re both crying! 😉

Tears of joy, pride and because change can feel too big sometimes for one lone heart, especially when it’s about that special someone in your nest. 

I love this song by the Cranberries as much as the song my heart has had on repeat the last weeks, months and over the last year. 


The only constant is change, but I was fooled in elementary and middle school believing the flight or launch to this next biggest season was so far off. It really wasn’t and isn’t. 



Love up on them always, speak life into them (as in watch your time)…they blossom and open up to you most if you’re understanding of this.

Know how special of a time this can be between you both throughout high school and the last couple years of high school

Take it in, give them loads of quality time and don’t sweat that small stuff!

We brought them into the world to love and expand with them; to witness or “receive” the miracle of them feeling into their own life and the adventure they want to make of it. 

Support them emotionally in all they want to do, remind them it’s their life and see them off, fly birdie fly birdie!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

My Big Change in 2023

My Big Change in 2023

2023 will be a year of the biggest change we’ve experienced as individuals or as a family since moving to LA from living in Mexico with a young Nolan in 2011 (except, of course, the changes experienced inside our grief when my Mom and Dino died almost a decade ago).

What I’ve realized is that with big change comes big responsibility.

We need to plan for and include the same-sized amount of fun as the perceived impending big change (kids going off to college, divorce, a move, changing industries etc). Because change is really just another form of adventure — we have to link arms with it and be part *of* it — riding the wave of our newness actively and consciously, not passively. 


Change calls us forward, to step up and into our lives.

It asks us to do things like adopt a different mindset, habits or routines, to feel more of the emotions of life, deciding our relationships will get even better, committing to joyful daily happenings or new passions, trying all sorts of new things with our thoughts, words and actions and I could go on…

And when we do this or do these things over and over, recognizing our latest moment of change as human adventure (taking true charge of our new lives), we change and grow for the better. When we don’t and sit idly by, change feels uncomfortable or unwelcome.

If you have a big change coming up, instead of allowing it to overcome you, overcome IT with your **trust** and excitement for the new you and new relationships that lie ahead through the discomfort. Things always look up when you do! ;))

This is really helping me and has always helped me!

Big change, big stepping up in 2023…in 5-4-3-2-1.


Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.