No Regrets (Summer Bday)

No Regrets (Summer Bday)

Day and night, no regrets.

“If I died tomorrow”, I’ve said to Josh over the last five or six years, “I would go without regrets” — and THAT is my grandest Summer birthday gift (realization) EVERY year.

As someone who loves to bring things to life, I think about death often and it helps direct my living [loving] better.

In addition to business and life coaching, I’m also, not shockingly to most who know me well, a certified death doula, so there’s also that.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and say “I feel complete”, instead, I want to get to the end of each DAY feeling it and so… I DO!

Currently backing up all of life’s blessings, luck, experiences and love to the cloud(s)…

How about you?

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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