Life, Death and Branding

If you believe the only thing you take with you are experiences (the way you consistently made yourself and others feel), then life, business, motherhood, romance etc. can be about doing just that ~ crafting experiences.

So long to the goals of creating a business, creating revenue, creating success, creating a loving marriage or even to creating happiness. We get stumped on how when we think of it this way. It's an easier path to all those things when we focus on crafting experiences.

A well-crafted experience has depth, layers and stories (stories, as in that of a home and also as in the tales told for motivation (action energy), not just inspiration (feel good energy)).

With the care, flair and engaged elegance of a big-hearted couture designer, choose to make an experience of your brand(ing), training calls, discovery calls or sales process, marketing, workshops (don't have to feel like workshops), customer service emails, team meetings and of the words and ways you handle both the easy and tough situations, day in and out (the out is the tougher of the two), and you'll be living a life filled with ecstasy, a sort of heaven on earth.

Life is good,





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