Kids Need You To Be…

Focus on your happiness, so you can raise happiness. Your joy is 1,000,000% connected to what your children need. Kids Need You To Be…


This place ~ Amsterdam~ where I once lived and had a baby is my happy place. 

This photo is from 2019 but on a warm July day in 2005 this: in fast labor, almost driven to the hospital by a taxi because we could not get a hold of our friends (me in the shower, warm water hitting my low back, asking Josh every 30 seconds while he was on the phone if he had found anyone to take us yet — there was no hopping on our bikes time this, our primary mode of transport for four years). 

Turns out, our friends were at a rave and taxis are not readily available on Sundays 🚕😳🍹— landlords saving the day (the only comfortable position :::: me on all fours in the back seat of their car…their fear and mine palpable 😆😰🙏🏽).

Got there in time and a bouncing baby boy he, Nolan Luc Mandel, definitely was!!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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