Expat Living

Expat Living

We moved from Amsterdam in ‘05 and have visited six or seven times since. Every time we’re back, we visit our old apartment on the Prinsengracht to feel the flood of memories…

If they’re home, we sit and visit with our old landlords. We also always marvel at how things aligned to meet at work in SF (when I told myself I would not date at work) and marvel, too, at the adventure since…especially having had Nolan in this quaint city that gifted us much life and learning (for those curious about the differences present in expat living…the fact that I got a nurse, as all new mothers do in The Netherlands, eight hours a day for a full week to help me with the baby as part of my wellness/healthcare was extraordinary). 

Follow our latest expat journeys in France on our channel on IG at @hesaidshesaidchannel.

In other news, our Amsterdammertje has completed his first year of university! His French is coming way along, too

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To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

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