It really is.

We must do in our businesses as we do in the living of our most rich and connected lives.

Create the opportunity for your brand to create a true and lasting emotional connection with its audience. More and more, this is what clients want.

Give them depth.

Give them your unique energy.

Give them a reason to gift you with their time and trust.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

(This post inspired my three coaching calls yesterday with fabulous, ‘charged with a cause’ women)

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

More and more, we’re hearing about this topic of authenticity and to those that say it’s a bit much or that it’s losing its meaning I say we should over-use it. My mission is to make it commonplace. Fashionable, even.

Because it is.

And it even goes beyond fashion; it’s classic and part of the trail we leave behind as women in business for other women in business ~  to do and be more of who they (we) really are. To find joy again. More consistent joy. It’s part of the path we are paving, let us not forget, too, for our daughters, our friends’ daughters, our nieces and baby sisters. Let it not be daring to be ourselves but the right and very thing we need to do to be in with the “times”.