Think it, feel it, believe it.


When things go wrong or don’t go all the way “right”, one of the main things that is going wonky is our belief.

Belief that:

• We can change our thought patterns

• We are as powerful to think negative thoughts as we are to think POSITIVE ones.

• We were meant to DO the things we can think up! (Dreams are not dreams…they are our reality that we haven’t caught up with yet)

• We are not our old stories.

• We can have a magnificent life.

How to do change the belief?

Focus on how you FEEL.

Think it. Think about what you want…I know you’re doing it already. GREAT.

Feel it. Feel how it will be sitting on Oprah’s couch. Literally. Be there.

Believe it. Now believe that feeling you just felt. The more you believe in this feeling…that it can *really* happen, the more that you will almost automatically do the things that will get you that reality.

Feeling is reality. Feeling creates belief.