Follow the gut not the “but”…

Business yoga has worked wonders in my life. Professionally I think there’s no other way but the yogic business way…

Following our gut is where it’s at (it’s extremely overlooked in traditional society and very underrated).

We’re taught in school and even in our corporate careers that following our gut is not going to get you anywhere “good” or smart and that it won’t make you money.

However, if you’re clearly tied to a purpose and you’re clear on what your genius zone is and then I think following the gut is exactly where you should be. It’s the only logical next step after you’re clear on that brilliance…on your uniqueness.

And guess what happens when you’re working in your brilliance consistently? You make money gracefully and giddily. You’re more content, day after day (not because of the consistent income you can bring it but for all of it…for that AND for being able to work and live more authentically).

Next time you have that lovin’ feeling…that gut feeling, go with it. Don’t go with the “but” that wants to steer you away from your truth to terror. Enjoy your gut zone and be in the flow.